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Carolina Panthers now 9th in NFL in average ticket price

The recent ticket price hike didn’t seem like much at the time.

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From Vivid’s Seat Pricing analysis:

Early Look: 2018 NFL Ticket Price Trends


The 2018 NFL schedule was only announced last week, but trends in Vivid Seats’ ticket price data are already emerging.

Some of 2017’s surprise teams, like the Jaguars, Rams and the Super Bowl champion Eagles, enjoyed a jump in ticket prices compared to last year.

The New England Patriots have the most expensive tickets thus far, with a median price of $468 for sold tickets, up 3 percent from last year. Bill Belichick’s squad is also featured in many of the Top 10 most expensive match-ups of the season.

Here’s the median ticket price by team data, which for the Panthers represents a 35% increase over last year’s early price trends.

Here’s the Panthers’ initial statement with the price increase announcement. Notice they said the Panthers tickets would keep the Panthers ‘roughly in the middle’. Very rough indeed.

Carolina Panthers | Ticket prices for 2018 season | NFL | Charlotte Observer

For permanent-seat license holders – who control a little more than 62,000 of the 73,000-plus seats at Bank of America Stadium – single-game tickets for non-premium seats will range from $49 to $210 per game in 2018. Youtsey said about two-thirds of the stadium will see an increase of $1 to $6 per seat per game, while the other third will see increases of $6 to $15 per game. But all seat prices will increase to some degree after the Panthers made the playoffs for the fourth time in five years in 2017. Permanent-seat license holders will receive their invoices within the next few days.

Youtsey said the price increase will still keep the Panthers in roughly the middle of the NFL in terms of ticket prices for 2018. The Panthers did not raise ticket prices a year ago but did raise them two years ago after the team’s Super Bowl season.

If 9th is in the middle group then the middle third of teams actually encompasses half the league. Good luck with trying to get that equation to balance. Don’t forget that the PSL owners already have a significant upfront investment just for the privilege of purchasing the 9th highest tickets on average in the league. @But I’m sure the value of those PSLs has multiplied in recent years.@

I crack myself up.

Even more interesting to me is the year over year change across the league. Some teams are way up, like the Jaguars with an 86% increase. They are followed by the Rams (46%) and Titans (40%). Success comes with a price people.

Going in the other direction is the Falcons (-30%), the Broncos (-32%) and you guessed it, the Browns (-34%). Never has the phrase ‘You get what you pay for’ been more pertinent.

In all fairness though I have to give props to Arthur Blank, the owner of the Falcons. He made a decision to cut the expense to fans attending the game even though the team continues to challenge for the conference title. I’d like to see the Panthers follow his lead in that regard.

Which brings me to my final analysis titled “Things cheaper than tickets for a family four to a Panthers home game.” Feel free to play along.

  • A weekend getaway for two to the Bahamas (forget the kids) is cheaper than a family of four going to a Panthers game
  • A 30” 10.5 hp riding lawnmower from Lowe’s is cheaper than a family of four going to a Panthers game
  • Two 55” Samsung TVs are cheaper than a family of four going to a Panthers game
  • You can get two champagne bottle chillers from Delta’s Sky Mall magazine for less than a family of four going to a Panthers game (barely)
  • You could bedazzle the hell out of your man cave for less get it.

Keep pounding.