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Marty Hurney holds press conference to discuss prior drafts #Catbox

The Panthers GM wanted to discuss some of the past failures he has had to endure, and talk about the process.

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Carolina Panthers general manager Marty Hurney decided to address the media today to talk about some of his past drafts, and discuss how those might impact the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft due to start next week. Here is the transcript from what turned out to be a very brief session:

Hurney: Good day everyone. I wanted to come before you today and discuss one of the elephants in the room as we approach this year’s draft, and that is regarding my past draft decisions. Some of them have turned out to be a boon for our organization, but some of them have also been not so great.

As a general manager, you rely on many sources for your information regarding the draft. You rely on your own eyes, those of your scouts, and those that are in the know within the NFL reporting community. You make decisions based on those recommendations, and then have to endure their consequences whether positive or negative.

In 2010, I made the decision to select quarterback Jimmy Clausen out of Notre Dame with our 48th overall pick, and first of the draft. At the time, our franchise had a great need for a quarterback, and we thought it was quite the value that Jimmy fell into our laps. Though we had great concern because he had fallen so far and tumbled by other quarterback needy teams, I was convinced by one of my sources that was willing to stake his career that the kid would be a successful quarterback.

That source, was none other than Mel Kiper Jr. Who promised that if Jimmy Clausen wasn’t a successful quarterback eight years into his professional career, that he would resign from his role as “Draft guru at ESPN.”

Well as we all know. Jimmy Clausen had nothing short of a disastrous career with our organization, and was one of the major reasons I was relieved of my general manager duties. Now that I have regained control of the team, I am here today to hold Mel Kiper responsible for his actions, and demand his immediate resignation. No general manager or interested fan should ever have to listen to his nonsense or endure one of his mock drafts ever again.

To be clear. Mel Kiper jr. should retire, resign, or be fired from his post effective immediately.

I will now take questions.

Reporter: Do you feel that Mel Kiper Jr. is responsible for the teams 2-14 season that year?

Hurney: Certainly John and I could have done more to prevent that atrocity, but yes, I consider him at least partially responsible.

Reporter: What else do you believe you or John Fox could have done that year to improve the quarterback situation?

Hurney: Jimmy Clausen wasn’t the only quarterback I selected that year.

Reporter: But didn’t John Fox let Tony Pike play a bit?

Hurney: That isn’t who I was referring to.

Reporter: I don’t understand, those were the only two quarterbacks you selected in 2010.

Hurney: We’re done here.

The press conference ends as Marty Hurney abruptly leaves the table, and a single tear can be seen rolling down his cheek as he storms off into the hallway.