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NFL free agency: Carolina Panthers not expected to pursue Dez Bryant, per report

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The Panthers are not expected to be in the running to sign the recently released Cowboys receiver.

The Carolina Panthers are not expected to pursue recently released wide receiver Dez Bryant, according to a report from Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer.

The Cowboys play the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte next season and are in the midst of a wide receiver rebuild. But Carolina is not expected to pursue Bryant, according to two sources.

Bryant, 29, a three-time Pro Bowler, hasn’t had a 1,000-yard receiving season since 2014. Bryant also has a big, diva-like personality and is thought to be looking for more money than the Panthers might be willing to pay — or afford.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to Panthers fans, as it was highly unlikely that Bryant would be willing to play for the amount of money that Carolina could afford to pay him. There’s also the question of whether or not Bryant would bring anything of value to the Panthers wide receiver corps that they don’t already have with Devin Funchess, who is both younger and cheaper.

My take

While it would be nice to bring in a known star receiver to the Panthers roster, I think the front office is making the right call to stay away. Bryant is going to be too expensive for what he currently brings to the table, and if the Panthers are going to add another wide receiver to round out the depth chart I’d much rather see them do that in the upcoming NFL Draft.

What about you, Panthers fans? Would you like to see Dez Bryant in Carolina? Why or why not? Share your thoughts with us!