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Andy Reid says Carolina Panthers defensive tackle Dontari Poe will ‘do great’ in Ron Rivera’s defense

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The Chiefs head coach spoke positively about the newest Panthers defensive tackle at the NFL owners meeting yesterday.

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid spoke to the media during the NFL owners meetings in Orlando yesterday, and had some positive words about new Carolina Panthers defensive tackle Dontari Poe. Poe played for Reid in Kansas City from 2013-2016.

Q: How do you think Dontari Poe will fit into Ron Rivera’s system?

REID: “He’ll do great. Talking about a guy like that who loves to play the game. I think what you’ll be amazed with is the guy is 330 pounds and his endurance is phenomenal. He can go all day. We have a running test and he would always be right up in the front of that running test when the guys would come back to camp. He’s an unbelievable athlete.”

* * *

Q: Is he one of these guys in the middle that can be an occupy blocker when needed but can also be a penetrator?

REID: “Yeah, absolutely. He can do whatever he wants to do. He’s very talented.”

* * *

Q: Was his weight an issue for him?

REID: “I never felt that. He kept it right there. Like I said, conditioning he was unbelievable. Always in unbelievable condition. I never had a problem with his weight.”

My take

It’s encouraging to see that Poe can maintain a high endurance at 330 lbs. I also like seeing the phrase ‘He can do whatever he wants to do.’ regarding his abilities as both a run stuffer and a pass rusher. I think the Panthers are going to reap huge rewards from this signing, and I’m looking forward to seeing Poe in action this season (especially at quarterback on the goal line).

What about you, Panthers fans? Are you encouraged by Reid’s comments? Share your thoughts with us!