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Imagine you won tickets to the 2018 NFL Draft

It actually happened for one CSR member...only better.

NFL Draft

Imagine for a moment you won tickets to the upcoming NFL draft. It would be a cool experience right? For me it’s something I’ve always wanted to do at least once. A bucket list type of item for some. Now imagine if airfare, hotel and transportation was included. Even better right? I mean if we are going to dream let’s make it big. Imagine if you were a guest of the Panthers, they paid all your expenses and even let you sit in the Panthers VIP section at the draft for the first two nights. Well that is exactly what happened to one CSR member.

That’s right long time CSR member Goose Creek is one of five winners of the Panthers Ultimate Draft Experience presented by Bud Light. The best part of this story is this…he invited me to be his plus 1. I said ‘Sure I’ll be your huckleberry GC!’. It is on like Donkey Kong. Two silver haired long time Panthers fans from Charleston, SC are going to Jerry World. I would have preferred the draft to be in Radio City Music Hall but I’ve wanted to see the Cowboys new stadium as well so I’m okay with going to Dallas. Better than Philly in my view!

So it is all confirmed, hall pass from wife obtained, flights are booked, vacation from work arranged (for me anyway, GC is retired) and confirmation from Panthers obtained. Now it’s just a matter of trying to plot out what kind of trouble we can get into while we are there.

Of course I will be sharing the experience with the CSR membership as we go along. I have no idea what the camera policy is but if I can take my phone I will try to broadcast at least some of it via FB Live during both nights so stay tuned for more details on that.

I’ve been trying to come up with a catchy name for this trip but I’m drawing a blank. It will be like a cross between National Lampoon’s Vacation and Space Cowboys, something like that. Feel free to make some suggestions. So are you stoked? No? Well I am lol…

GC and I will begin plotting our adventure tonight on CSR radio…10pm ET. Check back later today for a link to call in and discuss.