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Will the Carolina Panthers adopt the ‘Poe Package’ on offense?

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The newly signed defensive tackle has scored three touchdowns on offense. Now that’s diversity.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

While Erik Sommers did a good job of highlighting what newly signed Dontari Poe will do for the Panthers on defense, the versatile defensive tackle can also help out on offense. If you’ve lamented the lack of a true fullback on the Panthers’ roster when in goal line situations, consider the possibility of a 350 lbs lead blocker. It was known as the ‘Poe Package’ in Atlanta last season and I have to admit, he looks hard to stop.

Poe was at the time the heaviest player to ever score a rushing touchdown. I assume he still holds that record.

But wait ... there’s more! Poe can impact the goal line passing game. Poe has both caught a touchdown pass and thrown a touchdown pass. The pass, which was more of a jump shot than a pass, has been nicknamed ‘The Bloated Tebow’ ... which I love.

Poe should also add some spice to training camp based on this mic’d up piece from Falcons training camp.

Bonus video: Poe Highlights, on offense and defense

That’s a big strong man right there. I absolutely love this signing and I think it makes the front seven even better. He is a true nose tackle if there is one in the NFL. His potential added value on offense is just icing on the poe-verbial cake.