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CSR 2018 Fantasy Football champions have been crowned

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Here are four of our winners.

The CSR Fantasy Football season is now over and I’m sure you have been anxiously awaiting the results. Below are the results for the four leagues I participated in. I will need the league managers from the other CSR leagues to weigh in with their winners and overall points scored in the regular season so we can crown our overall winner.

CSR League #1

Total regular season points scored: 1690

We have a repeat winner, Jaxon (me!) and my team Mr. Totes McCaffrey has pulled off a repeat championship. This is in spite of entering the playoffs at 7-6 as the No. 6 seed. All you gotta do is get in and you have a chance. I hope I can provide inspiration to all future wild card seeds going forward.

CSR League #13

Total regular season points scored: 1704

My team Gaulden Showers entered the playoffs as the No. 2 seed but I knew this team was very flawed. As it was I fell in the semis but rebounded for a 3rd place finish. I scored an amazing 193 points in the final game. Congrats to Cole and his team the Pioneers who spanked the Butt Monkeys in the finals for the championship.

CSR League #59

Total regular season points scored: 2066

In this league I squeezed into the playoffs as a wild card but could not produce the magic I had in CSR 1 and ended up in 5th place. Congrats to Webb and his team ShitouttaLuke for their 12-1 season and overall point total in the maiden season of CSR #59. Webb is currently in the lead for overall champion.

I really liked having a majority of the teams with team names involving Luke Kuechly. I think we will keep the player theme thing going next season.

So now I need the other CSR league managers to post their winners and overall points scored in the regular season. Regular season points is the only fair way to do this since some teams play three games versus in the playoffs.

I found it another enjoyable season of fantasy football myself. Thanks to all who participated and I look forward to doing it again next season. If you missed out and would like to play next season we usually kick start everything in July, replace players who bailed out and form new leagues when we have the players wanting to get in.

One last league winner to announce is for CSR IDP league No. 2. Congratulations to Jeff Maxwell and his team My D Isn’t Short Cox for their victory. Congrats Jeff, enjoy your victory. I’m determined to do better in IDP next year.