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Homer vs Hater: Panthers hiring Norv Turner as offensive coordinator

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Let’s look at the pros and the cons of this all important hire by the Panthers.

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Panthers have hired NFL coaching veteran Norv Turner to replace recently fired offensive coordinator Mike Shula. While I never expect Panthers fans to completely agree on anything, this hiring was being blasted since the moment of the initial rumor. I happen to disagree with that opinion. So let’s break out the old Homer vs Hater format to discuss it from both sides. It didn’t take long to find someone to assume the role of ‘Hater’ on this one.

Homer (Jaxon): So while the fans seem to hate the hire many pundits are giving it the golf clap. One of the things I like about the hire is that Norv can hit the ground running given his familiarity and like mindedness with head coach Ron Rivera. As everyone knows these two have a history and so the hire was actually pretty obvious. That history will allow the coaching staff to meld quickly and provide the needed focus to make an immediate Super Bowl run in 2018. I think the Panthers have what it takes to compete for a Super Bowl in 2018 and that Turner brings the experience needed to get it done.

My second reason for liking this hire is the Panthers already have most of the pieces a Norv Turner offense needs. They have the big, strong armed quarterback, multi-skilled running backs, the receiving tight end and a big wide receiver. Of course the Panthers still need more reliable options at wide receiver but that can be remedied this offseason.

My final reason for liking this hire is Turner not only has Super Bowl experience, he has won Super Bowls, two of them as offensive coordinator of the Cowboys in the 90s. I realize that was a long time ago but I don’t buy the notion the game as changed that much in that time. Running the ball, controlling the clock and utilizing your play makers to make big plays still wins football games. I firmly believe this team and this offense in not far from being a Super Bowl contender and therefore wholesale changes are not needed.

Here’s one of many pundits that like the hire:

For anybody wanting this team to pick up where they left off and get back to the Super Bowl in 2018 they should like this hire. How could anyone disagree?

Hater (Erik Sommers): Jaxon has clearly been sipping what must be some incredibly delicious maple flavored sap from the Norv Turner coaching tree to come to the conclusion that this hire will bring a smooth transition and quick success. This is a guy who has been laying on the beach for over a year since he quit his last team halfway through the season due to lack of success. No one was lining up for the services of this mummified scholar of the game, and it is a travesty that the Carolina Panthers didn’t even bring in other options to try and broaden their view. I wonder why it didn’t work out in Minnesota... maybe because Matt Kalil isn’t good enough to protect a quarterback for a seven step drop and long developing routes? Who is our left tackle here in Carolina? Speaking of long developing routes, where is our wide receiver talent that is supposed to run them? I’ll tell you where... on the Google doc of hopes and dreams that only the tooth fairy, Andy Benoit, Kurt Russell, and apparently Ron Rivera have read/write access to. Here is a more realistic individual:

What say you, Panthers fans?


How do you feel about the hire of Norv Turner as Panthers offensive coordinator?

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