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NFL Fantasy Football 2017: DFS Advice

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These are your targets for Daily Fantasy this week.

NFL: Houston Texans at New England Patriots David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

To keep things in perspective, let’s look at what my picks last week did in their respective categories. I’ll be using the Draft Kings scoring system for this. First let me remind you that the Bears beat the Steelers, the Jaguars stomped the Ravens 44 - 7 with 3 TDs to a TE who’s only caught one each of the last two years and the Panthers who I bet heavily on failed to bring any sort of game plan against the worst defense in the NFL. It was a weird week:

Week 3 DFS

Positioon Name Start % Score Stats Pts
Positioon Name Start % Score Stats Pts
QB Cam Newton 4.70% NO 34 CAR 13 Final 167 PaYds, 3 INT, 1 RuTD, 16 RuYds 11.28
RB Ty Montgomery 27.10% CIN 24 GB 27 Final 35 RuYds, 15 RecYds, 8 REC 13
RB Jonathan Stewart 3.60% NO 34 CAR 13 Final 57 RuYds, 4 RecYds, 1 REC 7.1
WR Tyreek Hill 14.50% KC 24 LAC 10 Final 1 RecTD, 77 RecYds, 5 REC, 13 RuYds 20
WR Emmanuel Sanders 6.80% DEN 16 BUF 26 Final 75 RecYds, 7 REC 14.5
WR Mohamed Sanu 7.60% ATL 30 DET 26 Final 1 RecTD, 28 RecYds, 4 REC 12.8
TE Ed Dickson 2.00% NO 34 CAR 13 Final 8 RecYds, 1 REC 1.8
FLEX Le'Veon Bell 18.50% PIT 17 CHI 23 Final 1 RuTD, 61 RuYds, 37 RecYds, 6 REC 21.8
DST Steelers 10.10% PIT 17 CHI 23 Final 2 SACK, 1 INT, 1 DFR 6
Week 3 DFS

Newton had 3 INTs against a defense that couldn’t stop a pop warner team for two weeks prior. Ed Dickson was MIA and Jonathan Stewart under performed after Shula decided to abandon the run when NO proved it had absolutely nothing to stop it with. The Steelers still managed a respectable stat line on defense but Jordan Howard somehow destroying their run protection was another surprise moment. Mistakes were made. Let’s move on.


Drew Brees

Drew is going to London where I always bet against the defense. You’ve got one of the most prolific passers of this generation against a defense that let the Jets sneak one in on them. Carolina proved even the best teams can’t stop keep Brees out of the end zone. He’ll score, maybe a little, probably a lot.

Running Back

Leonard Fournette

Fournette has been a leader in RB stats every week regardless of how the rest of the team does. He’s a hevay target in PPR leagues and chews up yards on the ground as well. Against a weak defense I’ll take Leonard as a big run possibility.

Running Back

Christian McCaffrey

McCaffrey proved lats week he works better as a pass catcher than a RB. Against New England’s historically bad defense, CMC should be able to continue his upward trending stats.

Wide Receiver

Larry Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald BALLS OUT against SF. As one of the true reliable WRs in the league and one of the best to suit up on Sunday, Fitz should be counted on to make a few big plays against an opponent he knows well.

Wide Receiver

DeAndre Hopkins

DeAndre Hopkins has had huge days against the Titans before. Again this is a match up based on a WR who knows how to take advantage of a particular time. Sometimes you just have a team’s number.

Wide Receiver

Marvin Jones Jr.

Marvin Jones is Stafford’s favorite target. With Golladay and Tate struggling to get receptions at times, Jones is my go to in what should be a tit for tat outing even with Bradford on the bench, yet again.

Tight End

Charles Clay

McDermott learned something in Carolina. When your offense is struggling, a talented TE can make up for a lot. Clay still gets the lion’s share of targets in Buffalo and remains a viable TE in an injury riddled season.


Allen Hurns

New....York.....Jets. A low cost option against a team that hasn’t impressed on many levels. I’ll take a shot.

Defense/Special Teams


The Jaguars have put up monster defense numbers in two out of there three weeks. Situations may have played a big role but how much better can NYJ be than the Ravens? We’ll find out.