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NFL Fantasy Football 2017: TNF Start/Sit Advice

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These are the guys you should be starting and sitting when Chicago takes on Green Bay tonight.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Well, week 3 was certainly a surprise, on so many levels. Let’s uh.....move on shall we? Week 4 begins with the 1-2 Chicago Bears travel to Green Bay to tame the 2-1 cheese monster. A week ago no one gave the Bears a chance at beating the Steelers and yet, here we are. It’s severely doubtful they pull that off again against a proven opponent, but there’s still points to be had on both sides of the ball.



Aaron Rodgers

I don’t know how you sit Aaron Rodgers. The dude is quite possibly the best quarterback of his generation. No game is ever over if A-A-Ron has the ball. The man is a leader and a point-producing power house. Chicago isn’t fielding the ‘85 version of their team so the defense will give him plenty of opportunities.

Running Back

Ty Montgomery

Ty is a go every week this season. The back that put up 29 points in week 2 hasn’t showed a sign of slowing down from his stellar performances stretching back to last season. The Bears only gave up 61 yards and a TD to Le’Veon Bell but there’s something fundamentally wrong with the Steelers this season.

Jordan Howard

Cue up Social Distortion’s ‘I was wrong.’ Injury concerns surrounding Howard last week were over estimated and Pittsburgh failed to stop the RB from racking up 26 points on the ground. Expect that continue against the 8th worst rushing defense in the league. Also watch out for Tarik Cohen to change up the pace (8.99 points last week).

Wide Receiver

Jordy Nelson

Nelson is healthy and brings back Rodgers’ favorite target. Green Bay has had to spread the looks around with an injury filled roster but expect Rodgers to Nelson to crop up when it’s needed most.

Do the Bears have a wide receiver on their roster? I dunno.

Defense/Special Teams

Green Bay

I’d go with Green Bay on this one. They’re holding their own and again Chicago doesn’t have a lot to throw at them in the air. I’d be wary of the potential damage Cohen and Howard can bring to the table and consider any better options you have later in the week.



Mike Glennon

Preface: He’s done better than expected in Chicago. That said, how is the guy still a starter? Anyway, for as long as Fox and company keep Magic Mike under center (magic because he’s still employed) then there has to be better options out there. Explore them. If not, he actually could be worse.

Wide Receiver

I’m not going anywhere near a Chicago WR this week. Of course that means they’ll break out and start the next waiver rush but it’s too unpredictable with no track record worth investing in. Likewise any Packer outside of Nelson isn’t on my must-start list. Not because they’re no good but there’s too many targets to pick just one. If your starter wears green and yellow he’s got a shot.

Tight End

Zach Miller

Miller has been mediocre thus far and I’ll need to see a solid performance before jumping on that train.

Martellus Bennett

The high expectations prior to the season have been tempered. Bennett is an average TE on this team putting up average numbers. I’m looking for better scoring opportunities.

Defense/Special Teams


Yeah, the Bears have about zero chance of stopping Rodgers with a few pieces coming back into the mix. Their only shot is to match the scoreboard with a heavy ground game and a lucky pass or two....or three. Seriously, not the best time to lean on da Bears.

Those are my picks. Anything I missed? Difference of opinions? Let me know who you’re rolling with this week.