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NFL Fantasy Football 2017 Week 4: Doing the Waive

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These are the guys you should target on the waiver wire.

NFL: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

All the games are over, it’s time to hit the waiver wire. Here are my suggestions for week 4 targets.

LeGarrette Blount

With a broken arm and a torn ACL, it’s safe to say Darren Sproles will not be picking up the bulk of the targets for the rest of the season. Blount seems like the go to guy now. Already seeing moderate numbers, this should represent a good boost for the veteran. Careful though, I’ve been burned by Philly before and Smallwood could easily start snatching touches if he gets on a roll again.

Jaguars DST

The Jaguars defense is bound to get exposed against top level offenses but at least for now they’re showing themselves capable of handling teams when they have to. 44 - 7 i likely to put a rush on the Jags defense but if they’re available, they’re a good matchup based option going forward.

Devin Funchess

Kelvin Benjamin went down with a knee injury Sunday. It isn’t clear whether he’ll return in week 4 or need more recovery time but Devin Funchess has shown flashes so far this season and without Greg Olsen he’s seeing more looks from Cam. He’s a flex option when Newton proves he’s back at full strength.

Charles Clay

Clay is an underrated TE on an underrated offense. Tyrod Taylor has the ability to light it up when conditions are right and Sunday proved they can win games no one expects them to. He receives nearly quarter of Tyrod’s targets for a great PPR upside.

Travis Benjamin

Travis Benjamin had been boom or bust most of his career. When he gets a touchdown he’s a fantasy gold when misses the end zone numbers can be pedestrian. If you need a deep pick that expose the secondary keep an eye on Benjamin to you over the top.

Wendell Smallwood

With Sproles out, Wendell Smallwood is a back to lookout for. Smallwood was all over the field last season in the relief role and broke free on kick off returns as well. While the dust settles, stash Wendell and wait for your opportunity.

Who are your targets this week? Leave your thoughts in the comments.