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Panthers reportedly showing interest in TJ Ward

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The Panthers are looking for safety depth, and it’ll come one way or another.

Denver Broncos v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Per Steve Reed, the Panthers have reached out to former Broncos safety TJ Ward. This comes during a hectic (and essentially second) free agent period. The Panthers ended up letting go of all of their safety depth short of Colin Jones, and currently have just three safeties on the roster.

The team has some roster flexibility for this, such as one of their two kickers who they are currently shopping for trade partners. TJ Ward would come in and immediately challenge for a starting spot. However, in the past when the Panthers had more than one starter caliber safety, they used all of them in games. I’m referring to 2013, when they used Charles Godfrey, Quintin Mikell, and Mike Mitchell in tandem before Godfrey went down.

A move like this is very "unPanther"-like, but we have to remember Marty Hurney is an interim GM. If I was trying to lock up a long term job like that, I’d be going for broke in 2017.