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Panthers TE Greg Olsen undergoes successful foot surgery, no timetable on return

The surgery ‘went well’ according to Ron Rivera.

The Panthers announced today that Greg Olsen underwent surgery on his broken right foot this morning and the surgery ‘went well’. They also announced that there is currently no time table for his recovery.

The Panthers have a decision to make on whether to keep Olsen on the active roster and list him as one of the seven inactive players every week until he’s healed or put him on injured reserve. They haven’t decided yet what they want to do.

It’s likely we’re looking at 6-8 weeks before Olsen’s ready to play again, which means it’s likely the team will put him on IR and bring him back after eight weeks, provided his recovery goes well. A post-bye week return is likely.

While Olsen’s on the shelf, the Panthers don’t anticipate a need to sign another tight end and plan to use Ed Dickson in his place.

We could see Bucky Hodges promoted from the practice squad if Olsen does go on IR, but we won’t know anything until the team makes that decision. Once we know more information we’ll definitely share it with you, so keep your eyes open for an update soon.