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Panthers 23 49ers 3 GIF Review: 4th down dominance

The Panthers stuffed the 49ers on three fourth down attempts.

Carolina Panthers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Here’s a look at those three terrific stops that were instrumental in the Panthers winning their season opener.

2nd quarter 6:32 to go; 4th and 3 - QB Brian Hoyer sacked by LB Thomas Davis

The entire front line gets penetration but it’s Davis who totally runs over the block by RB Carlos Hyde.

2nd quarter 0:46 to go; 4th and 1 - FB is stuffed by DT Star Lotulelei

The RG just whiffs on his block of the Panthers DT who slices in to cut down the big FB. I think we can give an assist to DE Wes Horton who was there to make make sure the FB didn’t escape the grasp. Funny, neither player got credit for a Tackle for Loss (TFL) in the game book.

4th quarter 8:54; 4th and Goal from the 1 - WR screen is stuffed

First CB James Bradberry blows up the screen and forces RB Carlos Hyde to stutter a step. Of course LB Luke Kuechly is there to force Hyde inside right into the waiting arms of DE Charles Johnson and the run is stuffed.