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CSR 1 Fantasy Football Draft Grades

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Here’s how Yahoo! Sports graded the results of last night’s CSR 1 League draft

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

We did an on-line live draft (snake) last night and the resulting grades are below.

FC Carolina (Ivan Halley) A Grade

The Fan2C Allstars (Catastrophe) B+ Grade

Devin Can Wait (Rick Bates) B+ Grade

Interim Yes-man (Cyberjag) B Grade

KeepPounding88 (Tim) B Grade

Totes McCaffrey (Jaxon) B Grade

Ginn and Juice (DBelt) B Grade

The Kickass Unicorns (Evan Leekley) B- Grade

Beau-lieve in Bersin (Brian Beversluis) B- Grade

DeLong-er DeBetter (Jon Delong) C- Grade

Poetry in Moton (Erik Sommers) C- Grade

Big Munny (JSGestalt) D Grade (Ouch!)

I will say if there is one thing that is true about these grades/predictions is they are wrong! I mean come on, Ivan as the winner? LOL...I kid I kid.

I admit I dogged ‘Ol Big Munny on CSR Radio last night but his team actually isn’t bad. He was simply guilty of reaching for Panther players. He drafted Cam Newton (1-4), Kelvin Benjamin (4-45), Jonathan Stewart (6-69), and Carolina D (8-93). If the offense returns to 2015 form then he will have the last laugh.

Me personally, I’m not that crazy about my own team. I made a couple mistakes which is highlighted in my draft grade analysis:

Draft Summary

Putting together a decent team, Totes McCaffrey didn't want to show up the CSR1 League and build some unbeatable juggernaut. They instead focused on building a team with a solid chance to make the playoffs. Humbly, they are expected to finish in fourth-place in CSR1 League at 8-5-0 (1,971 points). They felt they could wait on quarterback, holding out until the eighth round to secure Dak Prescott with the 86th overall selection. They finished the draft with one of the bottom groups of RBs in the league, as they added DeMarco Murray, Lamar Miller, and Frank Gore to the team.

Yes I purposely decided to NOT build a juggernaut because what is fun about crushing your opponents week in and week out? So now even the computer is a comedian.

I definitely muffed the QB position. My plan was to wait until the 6th round and grab Matt Ryan or as a fall back Russell Wilson or Marcus Mariotta in the 7th. Yet when my sixth round pick rolled around I decided to take WR Martavis Bryant instead and Erik snatched up Ryan the next pick. It was then that I realized Wilson and Mariotta were off the board. So I settled for Dak Prescott. Here’s my complete draft. Note I was picking in the #11 spot of 12.

Totes McCaffrey

1. (11) A.J. Green (Cin - WR) - I think he will have a bounce back year

2. (14) DeMarco Murray (Ten - RB) - I think he still gets the lion’s share of carries as long as he is producing no matter Derrick Henry does

3. (35) Lamar Miller (Hou - RB) - Could have a tough year if the QB play continues to suck.

4. (38) Greg Olsen (Car - TE) - No brainer

5. (59) Jarvis Landry (Mia - WR) - I think Cutler will connect with Landry a lot.

6. (62) Martavis Bryant (Pit - WR) - He should get a lot of one-on-one coverage

7. (83) Frank Gore (Ind - RB) - Indy has the easiest schedule in the league. Gore is a workhorse.

8. (86) Dak Prescott (Dal - QB) - He will have to throw more this season

9. (107) New England (NE - DEF) - I’m liking the match-ups in their division

10. (110) Jeremy Maclin (Bal - WR) - Flacco can throw the deep ball and he has Mike Wallace on the other side.

11. (131) Jordan Matthews (Buf - WR) - The word is he is looking good in Buffalo.

12. (134) Eli Manning (NYG - QB) - The best left on the board as insurance

13. (155) Cairo Santos (KC - K) - Hoping he is healthy

14. (158) Los Angeles (LAR - DEF) - I’m hoping Aaron Donald ends his hold out.

15. (179) Kevin White (Chi - WR) - It’s now or never in my view. He is primed for a break out year.

Your thoughts?