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CSR 1 2016 Fantasy Football flashback

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So what can we learn from last year’s fantasy season that we can apply to to 2017?

NFL: Carolina Panthers-Training Camp Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s last year’s top 3 finishers. Congrats again to Jon DeLong for his most awesome win. So what can we learn from Jon’s victory?

Rule #1 in fantasy football is you have to kill the draft. Jon did exactly that. Take a look at his top 4 picks:

Mr. Roger's 'Hood

1. (6) Ezekiel Elliott (Dal - RB) – Zeke ended up the #2 RB in fantasy. Jon rolled the dice on a rookie RB and it paid off.

2. (19) Jordy Nelson (GB - WR) – Nelson was the 10th WR off the board but also ended up #2 in scoring at his position. Nelson was coming off of a serious knee injury so again Jon rolled the dice and it worked out.

3. (30) Aaron Rodgers (GB - QB) – Rodgers was the 2nd QB off the board (Cam went 1st to a Panthers Homer of course) but ended up the top scorer in fantasy.

4. (43) DeMarco Murray (Ten - RB) – Murray was undervalued in most drafts but had a monster year coming in #5 in RBs

5. (54) Jarvis Landry (Mia - WR) – Finished the #17 WR

6. (67) Delanie Walker (Ten - TE) – Finished the #5 TE in scoring

7. (78) Josh Gordon (Cle - WR)

8. (91) Devin Funchess (Car - WR)

9. (102) Marvin Jones Jr. (Det - WR)

10. (115) T.J. Yeldon (Jax - RB)

11. (126) Jay Ajayi (Mia - RB) – Finished the #11 RB; a great pick in the 11th round though he was very inconsistent

12. (139) Oakland (Oak - DEF)

13. (150) Steve Smith Sr. (Bal - WR)

14. (163) Terrance West (Bal - RB)

15. (174) Chandler Catanzaro (NYJ - K)

That how you win, you make hay with those top picks and get lucky with a few of the late rounders. You don’t have to hit on every one obviously. The lucky part also includes not losing any top players to injury.

So with Jon’s first 6 picks he went: RB, WR, QB, RB, WR, TE.

I’m not sure if Jon planned to draft those positions in that order but it did work out for him. I’ve been known to advocate going RB with the first two picks but with our league now being PPR I would say go RB-WR for the first two picks. I usually don’t look at QB until the 5th round, choosing instead to load up at the skill positions.

A good strategy also involves two other points. First identify your break out players and the round you will target them. Try not to reach. Since very few players modify their draft list most likely your break out player will be available later than you value them.

The second strategy is to look for the value in the pre-draft rankings. Many times players coming off injury will be further down in the rankings. Use this to your advantage by waiting until your last pick right before the player comes up on the list. Sometimes you will miss out but most of the time you can get the player.

What other strategies are you willing to share?