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Panthers “fans” - Stop blaming Thomas Davis’ wife for Dave Gettleman’s departure

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Seriously, folks. Let’s calm down.

I can’t help but be disappointed in a lot of Panthers “fans” who are taking their bad opinions to Twitter dot com and airing their grievances at Dave Gettleman’s firing to... Thomas Davis’ wife.

Wait, what?!

Yes, folks. Mrs. Davis is totally responsible for Dave Gettleman getting fired. I mean, seriously... does anyone really believe that?

I know we live in the era of people who are “mad online”, but can’t that anger be directed at the people who are responsible for the decision? I know Mr. Richardson doesn’t have a Twitter account* but shouldn’t the next move be to send your angry comments to the team’s official Twitter account? That makes sense to me, but perhaps people are too afraid of being owned on Twitter to mess with the Panthers’ social media team?

Regardless... players’ families should be off limits — no exceptions.

We can do better, Panthers fans. We should do better. We can hate some of the decisions that are made, but we don’t have to take that anger out on innocent people who had nothing to do with it. We’re supposed to be classier than that.

I won’t link any of the bad ones because I’m not giving people the satisfaction of being recognized, but at least not all of the comments were mean-spirited:

And she clearly appreciates the kind words:

She did bring the fire, though:

Well said, Mrs. Davis. Well said.

Again, Panthers fans — let’s calm down a little. Sure you might hate that Gettleman was fired, but surely there’s a better way to deal with that anger. Leave the players’ families out of it. They’re the least of our problems.

Note: This applies to Ron Rivera’s daughter too.


*- Wouldn’t it be amazing if JR had a Twitter account? All the Bojangles’ sweet tea pics you could ever ask for!