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Jerry Richardson releases statement on decision to hire Marty Hurney as interim GM

The Big Cat has spoken... sort of.

Panthers owner Jerry Richardson made an interesting decision when he brought former General Manager Marty Hurney in to replace recently fired General Manager Dave Gettleman. Most people were left wondering what Richardson’s thought process was when he decided to replace a guy with the guy he replaced four years ago.

Richardson is known for playing things close to the vest, and while he hasn’t given much of an explanation he did release a statement to the media regarding his decision.

ESPN’s David Newton has more:

Panthers owner Jerry Richardson on Marty Hurney's return as an interim general manager:

"Marty is the perfect person to help us in the interim. He worked with us for 15 years and understands the culture we have here. He had a lot to do with the core of our team being in place. I'm thankful that he is willing to help us in this transition period."

I’m not going to break down every single word he said, but the part about “understands the culture we have here” sounds a lot like “a few veterans are about to get paid”. Perhaps the rumors that Gettleman’s refusal to offer Olsen and Davis new contracts played a part in his dismissal had some merit to them after all?

We’ll probably never know the full truth, but at least Mr. Richardson gave us something to work with on why Hurney was brought back into the organization. At least we have that.

So how do you feel about this, Panthers fans? Do Mr. Richardson’s comments ease your fears, or make them worse? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments.