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Cat Scratch Radio: Gettleman relieved of duties edition

G-man is out. Let’s talk it out. 10pm ET all Panthers fans welcome

Radio Tower

If you want to join the call the dial in instructions are below. If you have something to say after dialing in then when I call out your username (if you sign up for an account) or the first 7 digits of your phone number chime up. I go through the list of callers FIFO and give everyone a couple minutes to have their say. If you just want to listen then no problem there, just please self-mute your mic.

You'll need a headset with a mic to talk (but not listen) if you don't dial in via land line (see below). A cell phone will work but usually the quality of the call presents a problem. I believe you have to sign up for an account to use the chat feature. Otherwise you can just listen and follow the chat. You can follow the show and get automated notices of upcoming shows by visiting the CSR Radio page on BTR by clicking here.

To dial in via land line: (626) 213-5738

To just listen or talk as well. You can also follow the chat at the same time through the link above. If you join the chat please take time to include your user name. You can do both as well, chat via Blog talk Radio chat box and dial in via land line to talk. If you have a bad connection, background noise or other issue I reserve the right to mute you in order to not mess up the recording.

All Panthers Fans Welcome!

If you should miss the show you can always download previous episodes from Blog Talk Radio by clicking this link (updated link!) or using the embedded player above.

Tonight's Host: Jaxon

Special Guests: Brian Beversluis

On tonight's docket:

  • Dave Gettleman relieved of duties discussion
  • Fantasy football
  • Panthers news & notes
  • The best of CSR

If you have any questions for the host please drop them in the comment thread.