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Panthers LB Thomas Davis on Dave Gettleman departure: veteran leaders will not allow it to become a distraction

Thomas Davis is saying all the right things about moving forward from Dave Gettleman’s sudden departure as Panthers GM.

Thomas Davis had a quick word with WCNC’s Kelsey Riggs on the recent departure of Dave Gettleman, and promised that the veteran leadership of the Panthers would not allow the turmoil surrounding the front office to become a distraction on the field.

Here’s Davis’ comments in video form:

That’s called being a leader, folks. When the team needs someone to lead the way through uncertain times, it’s good to have someone like Thomas Davis on the roster to step up and be that leader.

Training camp starts in less than two weeks, and it looks like Davis will make sure the players are ready to focus on the things that matter most - returning to the Super Bowl.

What are your thoughts, Panthers fans?