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Before you renew your fantasy team read this

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It’s that time of year to renew fantasy football leagues and teams. First brush up on your FFL etiquette.

SIRIUS XM Radio Celebrity Fantasy Football Draft-Times Square Photo by Mark Von Holden/Getty Images for SIRIUS XM Radio

I’m getting barraged by the FFL service providers to renew my many leagues. I run 5 btw, 3 in Yahoo, 1 in ESPN and 1 in It sounds easy right? I wish it was but it can actually be a real pain in the arse for the League Manager. So if you are a FFL player but not a League Manager here’s a few things you can do to not be ‘THAT GUY’. So before you press that ‘Renew Team’ link and potentially become a proverbial splinter in the ass, read the ‘rules of etiquette’ below.

Show up for the Draft

I mean if you want to leave your season up to the Auto-Draft Gods then let me say ‘Thank You’, but honestly I would rather have you there. I love mocking your stupid over reaches in the early rounds (Seriously? DeAndre Hopkins at #7 overall?). Especially when you over draft Panther players, which tends to happen in CSR leagues.

So what if your league just does an auto draft? That’s dumb. Find a new league.

Don’t bail on the season because your team sucks

You drafted that pile of garbage, or maybe the Fantasy Gods rained injury down on you. Either way, stick it out. It’s not fair to those of us who don’t suck to have other teams win because their opponent has four players in their starting roster on a bye. Me personally I boot these owners in the offseason. You won’t be getting a ‘Renew Team’ link betch!

Let’s Hear the Chatter

@There is nothing more fun that playing an internet game with people who don’t communicate at all@ I mean seriously, talk some smack or just chat about stupid stuff other owners do. Trust me, we all have those owners that make stupid draft picks and line up changes. The least you can do is say ‘Thanks’ for the generosity.

Pay Attention

Check your line up dude, damn. From week 4 through 12 teams are on byes. You might want to even plan ahead week to week. There’s a long standing rumor out there that it could actually lead to victory.

Respond to Trade Offers

Just don’t let them expire, that’s milquetoast. Throw me back a counter offer. At least tell me to go pound sand. The truth is I rarely trade. For some reason I always end up on the losing end. I focus on the waiver wire.

Don’t be a Dick

While you might think I’m referring to ugly smack talk but you would be wrong right. What am I saying? Some people take stuff too seriously and cross the dick line. Try to avoid creating that scenario. I’m also referring too dickish moves by trying to help another team once your sucky team is eliminated from the playoffs. For example, making one sided trades (of course I always have veto power in my leagues), or coordinating dropping players to the waiver wire.

Learn the rules

Don’t blame a loss on the fact you didn’t know it was a PPR league or that defensive TDs are four points instead of six. Try reading the rules first before you email your league manage or whine on the league chat board.

So if you follow the above listed FFL etiquette you could well be a model FFL league member instead of a royal pain. So say ‘Thanks’.

Youre welcome!

So outside of the above being a FFL League Manager is a blast!

P.S. CSR Fantasy Leagues will be renewing soon. Stay tuned...

This is how I roll it: