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McCaffrey: All that’s left to do is play ball

Here’s a mini profile of the Panthers #8 pick in the NFL draft.

NFL: Carolina Panthers-Rookie Minicamp Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

RB Christian McCaffrey has completed the checklist:

  • Survive his final college season without a bad injury CHECK
  • Impress the crap out of everyone at the NFL combine CHECK!
  • Get drafted in the top 10 of the NFL draft CHECK!
  • Sign your rookie contact that includes a $10M signing bonus CHECK!

Now all that is left is to play ball per McCaffrey in his first post practice interview. Give it a watch. I find it slightly amusing and maybe appropriate that a train runs by the Charlotte practice fields during the interview (around the 2 min mark). Anyone or should I say ‘everyone’ ready to get on the McCaffrey train?

How does he fit?

That is an obsolete question now. The appropriate question is what kind of an offense do you build around him? There is no shortage of highlight videos to demonstrate how he has been used effectively in the past. He did after all break Barry Sanders all purpose yards in a season record (3,250 yds) (2,327 yds). Here’s just one many:

You can even watch a 19 minute video of his high school highlights. It’s nineteen minutes of McCaffrey scoring TDs from all over the field. Runs up the middle, pitch right, pitch left, in the flat, long passes down the field, over the middle, down the sideline. You name the play and McCaffrey has scored on it.

His skills translate to any offense. So the beauty of it is OC Mike Shula can create a game plan to attack s defenses weaknesses and then simply build those plays around McCaffrey.

For example, dump off passes against the blitz should be a play in the rotation every week. It’s a play the Panthers have run very little of the past couple of seasons since DeAngelo Williams left. Watch what McCaffrey does with a short dump down in a play at the 1:50 mark of this video:

He first breaks two tackles to get past the LOS and then completely jukes three defenders on his way to the end zone. His cut back is absolutely lethal, a true ankle breaker of a move. He timing on those cut backs and the use of his blockers is exceptional, some of the best I’ve ever seen.

On the very next play he shows what he can do with the common stretch play. He sees a hole up the middle and cuts it back perfectly, reversing the field and leaving the safety grasping at air.

Social Media

The whole draft class is on Twitter it looks like:

File this away for when you want to make an impression. McCaffrey loves apple fritters.