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Panthers 2015 NFL Re-Draft: No Trades Edition

Let’s redraft the Panthers draft without trading away six picks for two players.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

To recap the action, Gettleman first traded up from 2-57 to 2-41 to draft WR Devin Funchess. They included #3-89 and 6-201 make it happen.

The following day he traded up from #4-124 to 4-102 giving up 5-161 and 7-242. That trade was for OT Darryl Williams. The Panthers came away with five players after arriving with nine draft picks. It was a prime example of Gettlemans ‘I’ll take a dime over two nickels’ draft strategy.

It’s hard to argue that these two trade ups have worked out for the Panthers so far. Both players have only 12 starts in two seasons and are not guaranteed to start at the coming season either. If either player is a starter on opening day in 2017 it will be by default.

The good news is that both players have time to step up earn a starting position. I will also add neither player looks like a bust, just average players still looking to take it to the next level.

So what if Gettleman stood pat and didn’t pull the trigger on those deals? Here’s a look at what that Panthers draft class could have looked like.

First let’s assume that we keep the three picks not involved in the trades:

LB Shaq Thompson (1st rd),

LB David Mayo (6th rd comp pick)

RB Cameron Artis-Payne (6th rd comp pick)

So add those three to these additional four players (with additional options).

4-57: DE Frank Clark (or CB Quinton Rollins)

3-89: WR/RB Ty Montgomery (or RB Matt Jones or WR Jamison Crowder)

4-124: OLB Kwon Alexander

5-161: CB Damian Swann

6-201: WR/TE Darren Waller

7-242: OT Laurence Gibson

Also if you like the picks of Funchess and Williams then nothing says they actually would not have been available at #57 and #124 respectively. Just subtract Clark and Alexander from the above and add those two back.

Another scenario is to look at who else the Panthers could have gotten with those trade up other than the two players they took.

At #41 the Panthers could have traded up to grab CB Ronald Darby. At 4-102 the Panthers could have still gotten Crowder or WR Justin Hardy, RB Jeremy Langford or OT TJ Clemmings.

Want to shake it up more? S Landon Collins was on the board when the Panthers drafted Shaq Thompson. I’m not saying I would trade them straight up at this point (but I would consider it).


Would you trade LB Shaq Thomspon for Giants S Landon Collins straight up?

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I realize I have the benefit of knowing history, of cherry picking the picks based on how their first two seasons have played out. So I realize this is an exercise in futility...but it is fun.

So in summary, what the draft class could have looked like is this:

S Landon Collins

DE Frank Clark

WR Jamison Crowder

OLB Kwon Alexander

CB Damian Swan

TE Darren Waller

OL Laurence Gibson

plus CAP and Mayo.

Let’s say we keep the trade ups and Thompson in the first but go with other trade up targets:

LB Shaq Thompson

CB Ron Darby

WR Jamison Crowder

plus CAP and Mayo

I think both of those are nice draft classes. Thoughts?