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Former Panthers DC Sean McDermott poaches a Panthers draft pick

The Bills jumped the Panthers to draft an OT

Carolina Panthers v Houston Texans

So much for loyalty right? I’m kidding of course because hey, it’s his job now and everything is about getting the players you need to win. But it is funny. I guess it is obvious the Panthers need help at OT.

The only question is whether the player the Bills picked was really at the top of the Panthers board at that moment.

Former Panthers coordinator leapfrogs Carolina for a tackle prospect | NFL Draft | 2017 | Charlotte Observer

Jaws cracked open in the media room inside Bank of America Stadium, and then hit keyboards as it was announced that the Bills’ pick was Temple offensive lineman Dion Dawkins – a rumored Panthers target who reportedly was one of Carolina’s top-30 visits.

Oh, and the trade partner?

An NFC South rival: The Atlanta Falcons. Gasp!

Now, we aren’t saying McDermott pulled a Dr.-Evil-pinkie-to-mouth move as this trade occurred.

But here is what he did tell an Associated Press reporter after the maneuver: “When I asked him if he had a gut feeling about what Panthers were going to do, McDermott laughed and laughed again and then said: ‘Well said.’ He then added that ‘you do your homework and you look at needs (of the Bills and other teams).’ He then noted the Panthers did take an (offensive lineman). Though unsure whether they were going to take Dawkins, he said: ‘We wanted our guy.’”

Looking at the fact the Panthers selected WR Curtis Samuel I’m thinking the Panthers were targeting Samuel regardless of what the Bills did. Of course McDermott rightly points out the Panthers next pick was an OT so it is plausible.

Maybe Gettleman will answer that question at his next presser. I’m positive someone will ask him once the chance is given.

One last point.

McDermott picked CB TreDavious White (#27) in the 1st round and then WR Zay Jones (37) in the second. I drafted both players for the Panthers in the SBN bloggers mock draft. Coincidence? I think not. Plus I got those two at much better value, #40 and #64 respectively.

So I’m speaking directly to Sean McD right now: Hit me up via email and I’ll give you my cell number Brocephus and I can advise you directly. No need to be covert about it. I have much more great advice to give. Peace out.

I’ll let you know if I hear something.