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Panthers sign FA Jonathan Tuan-Anh Tran to futures contract

This comes on the heels of a recommendation from retired Panther great turned inside scooper Steve Smith Sr.

NFL: Pro Bowl Skills Showdown Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

April 1, 2017

Tuan-Ahn Tran (pronounced ‘two-hand tran’) remarkably is best known for his one handed TD grabs and blonde floppy mullet.

Smith Sr. was actually angling for the Bengals to sign Tran but the always watching Dave Gettleman scooped him up first:

“Wow!!” Smith tweeted. “The #Bengals would let the fool that jump #whitehousefence play for them if he didn’t get caught!!! #Lowstandards.”

Tran displayed outstanding twitch on that jump over the fence, which is what caught Smith’s eye. The rumor is Smith exclaimed ‘Ice up Son!’ when he saw the jump live on his TV. It turns out Tran is a huge fan of the POTUS and wanted to personally deliver a couple cans of scented mace as a gift. What better way to make an impression than to jump a 12 foot barbed wire fence protected by secret service agents with Uzis? Myles Garrett’s combine performance has got nothing on this Tran guy. You can see the video of the Tuan-Ahn Tran jump here.