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Panthers will let WRs Brenton Bersin and Philly Brown test free agency

It would appear their time in Carolina has run to an end...maybe.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

I should mention that would require another team to sign them to a deal fro that to actually true anytime soon. Neither may garner a deal and may end up back in Carolina in the fall. That is very possible and it happens from time to time. Brown would be the bigger loss from a production standpoint and should get some interest. You may recall Brown was the Panthers leading receiver in SB 50.

Carolina Panthers expected to let two wide receivers test free-agent market

Brown was the Panthers’ leading receiver in Super Bowl 50, pulling down four catches for 80 yards before leaving the 24-10 loss to Denver with a concussion. But Brown’s production dipped last season, when he caught 27 passes for a career-low 276 yards. Brown’s one receiving touchdown and 10.2-yards-per-catch average also were career worsts.

I do think he could put up better numbers if given more targets but I don't see him as more than a role player. Like I said though, he should garner some interest and therefore is likely gone. Bersin on the other hand could very well end up back in Carolina.