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NFL rumor: Tony Romo to Carolina?

There is no denying ‘sources’ say it could be ‘the best destination’ for the star. Seriously.

Divisional Round - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

I know I know...don’t catapult the click bait, which is exactly what this one is. It’s just too funny not to share, hence why I’ve already filed it in the ‘Catbox’.

The Carolina Panthers had a disappointing NFL season following their astounding Super Bowl run against the Denver Broncos last year. However, it seems that some fans feel that the problems of the Cam Newton team exceed the gridiron demands. That is, the locker room atmosphere seemed to have been damaged as well due to the frustrations and difficulties faced by the team. Will a strong veteran presence with a proven leadership track record fix these issues?

The Dallas Cowboys are still hanging on to Tony Romo despite the fact that everyone in the league, the veteran quarterback included, already knows that Dak Prescott is the new leader of the Dez Bryant squad. Teams like the Houston Texans, Denver Broncos and Buffalo Bills reportedly sniffing around a potential Tony Romo trade with the Jerry Jones squad. However, sources claim that the Carolina Panthers may be the best destination for the star.

Rumors are rife that the sheer talent of Cam Newton may no longer be enough to lead the Carolina Panthers to another Super Bowl run. Locker room politics and atmosphere reportedly affected the Greg Olsen team with everyone infected with the disappointment and frustration from their losses. Hence, fans feel that a positive influence in the locker room is highly needed. This is where a Tony Romo trade might come in handy.

I mean it’s being reported by the Gospel Herald so it must... be the gospel. Yes I went there. Let’s break this down shall we?

First off, how does fan frustration create an actual trade by NFL teams? Because damn I’ve been frustrated about a number of issues that just never got addressed (at least until recently anyway). Wouldn’t an actual rumor begin inside an organization instead of fan sites?

To answer his question as to whether the Panthers need a strong veteran presence in the locker room? Um...NO! Every Panther fan knows we already have that.

Second, ‘Dak Prescott is the new leader of the Dez Bryant team’? Gee, let’s see how many big Pro football names can we cram into one fake rumor post. Oh well here you go: ‘Locker room politics and atmosphere reportedly affected the Greg Olsen team...’ Got to grab some of the Greg Olsen clicks while you can!

Yes every HC can you a handy pocket Romo in case things get a little testy in the locker. Romo is so handy, he’s like magnet flashlight. Just stick him to a piece of metal and he will light the way! Now that is the gospel.

So don’t you be surprised if the Panthers soon announce a blockbuster trade for Tony Romo.