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5 Things I'd rather post about than salary cap space

I have hereby relieved myself of ever having to post another article about the effin salary cap.

Winston hears a Horton who?
Winston hears a Horton who?
Brian Blanco/Getty Images

I'm done...I've butchered my last attempt to even approximate the freakin cap space...for any team. The truth is I hate the salary cap in general. I like salary, who doesn't? I've got nothing against 'caps' in general (not to be confused with ALL CAPS). But you put them together and BAM! go straight down the damn proverbial rabbit hole.

There is only one true thing you can about an salary cap space is wrong!

I will admit that is no excuse for butchering it. For some reason I get this wild hair up my ass that I need to post about the cap. I kind of wanted to know and figured others felt the same. I'm going to resist that notion going forward and ask another writer (like Erik for instance) to instead do it. Because I know I will muff it, it is clear to me now. I feel like I need to go to an AA meeting or something. But I digress...

So while I agree salary cap space is important in the grand scheme of things I just don't want to care. I loath it. In fact, here's five things I'd rather write about than write about the Panthers estimated freakin salary cap space!

5. Tim Tebow - some click bait just isn't worth the clicks

4. Cam Newton's towel - get over it damn

3. Greg Hardy's chances of returning to the Panthers roster - just as soon as he admits he did something wrong

2. The Falcons blowing a 25 point lead in the SB...oh wait, that never gets old :)

1. Anything to do with Tom Brady that doesn't include 'retire'

I could keep going I loathe the salary cap discussion so much. Actually I bet the membership can come up with some of their own better than those.

I think talk about salary cap space, cap hits, and 'dead' money sucks all of the fun out of the No Fun League (and that is hard to do). I don't want to care about how much money a person makes per stat or any other salary related stat. Forget about cap me some real hits. I just want titles, championships and Lombardi Trophy's. Everything else is just a distraction.

So I'm done butchering the salary cap, estimating cap space or anything of the such. I'll leave that to the pros. Well at least I'm going to try anyway. Baby steps...