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Panthers to Pay Peppers $125,000 per Sack

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Details have emerged about the incentives portion of the newly re-minted Panther’s contract.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

In what will surely be one of the fastest get rich quick schemes in known history, Julius Peppers stands to make $125,000 for about five seconds of work. As reported by Joe Person at the Charlotte Observer, a source with knowledge of the new contract reported the following tiers for Peppers to activate his incentives:

Julius Peppers’ one-year deal with the Panthers is worth $3.5 million, with sacks incentives that could push it to $4.25 million, according to a league source.

Peppers, who signed his contract Saturday, will collect an additional $250,000 if he finishes with seven sacks. The bonus increases to $500,000 for nine sacks, and Peppers will receive $750,000 if he reaches eleven sacks.

So provided that he reaches the seven sack number, which would also cause him to usurp the rank of 4th most sacks in NFL history, he will be getting a $125,000 bonus for each sack thereafter in pairs until reaching 11 sacks. After that, it’s just gravy on what the Panthers are hoping to be a Super Bowl 52 Biscuit.

If Peppers can somehow reach the extremely lofty total of NINETEEN sacks this season, he will have recorded 100 sacks as a Panther. There is nothing in the contract to reward him for that, but one would imagine that if Julius Peppers, through some miracle laced with Russel Wilson’s recovery water, is able to achieve that feat... JR would work something out. I hear he is looking for a successor, right?