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Panthers trade DE Kony Ealy to Patriots in draft pick swap

The Panthers didn't get much for the former 2nd round pick that disappointed in 2016.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

It's a real simple deal, for Ealy the Panthers improve their 3rd round pick by eight spots in the draft.

Carolina Panthers trade DE Kony Ealy to Patriots -

It's a strong deal for coach Bill Belichick, who simply slipped down eight spots in the draft from No. 64 to No. 72 to grab a player just entering his prime. Ealy, meanwhile, was no luxury for the Panthers, but Carolina boasts a deep front seven with Mario Addison, Charles Johnson and Wes Horton at the end position. The team also brought back 37-year-old Julius Peppers, their first-round draft pick from 2002.

Ultimately, it's another case of New England using the offseason months -- really, every month -- to churn the roster, swing deals and add players who Belichick identifies as fits for his championship roster.

I knew they were disappointed in him but I never saw this coming. They practically gave him away. Plus they lay waste to every Panthers mock draft out there. :)

So where are you on this one Panthers fans?