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Should the Panthers pursue free agent OT Kelvin Beachum?

Should the Panthers decide to pursue mid-tier free agents to address their weakness at offensive tackle then the 27 year old Beachum might be a good target.

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Harry Engels/Getty Images

Beachum 6'3" 316 lbs (6th season) is fairly young and has played at a high level in the past. He had a break out season in 2014 for the Steelers but then tore his ACL six games into the 2015 season. The Jags took a gamble on him and it did not pay off. He played so poorly that they cut him after only one season. It looks like the Jags are now trying to swing a trade for Brandon Albert. So no worries about the Jags being players for Beachum.

So does Beachum have anything left to offer? Well if his issue in 2016 was more a product of still recovering from a serious knee injury on top of a new offensive scheme then it would appear he does. If anyone can turn him around I think it would be  John Matsko and Ray Brown. The only question is whether another team will offer him any guaranteed money. But that is a minor issue compared to whether he can still play or not.

Giants fans seem to think he is worth the risk. In this first link they mention he had an issue with a concussion in 2016 as well.

Giants should have free agent Kelvin Beachum on their radar

Beachum saw his 2016 season derailed by injury, but his upside is undeniable. Beachum clearly wasn't himself in his first season with the Jaguars after returning from ACL surgery and dealing with concussions. The Jaguars couldn't pull the trigger on his contract option because it would have kept him under team control for four more years. Given the uncertainty, Beachum makes for a risky long-term investment, but a high-upside play if he's willing to sing a short-term "prove it" deal. Beachum himself would probably love to reestablish his value before signing a long-term contract, so this could be the market match for a tackle-needy NFL team.

Beachum appears ripe for a one year 'prove it' deal though any team that offers anything beyond that might have the upper hand. Certainly he would like some guaranteed money but would anyone offer that after his last two seasons? It's hard to say given the kind of season he just had:

Kelvin Beachum intriguing free agent left tackle for Giants to consider - Big Blue View

Truth is, Beachum did not have a great 2016. His Pro Football Focus grade of 44.3 was, in fact worse than the 48.4 PFF gave Ereck Flowers and only slightly better than the 41.0 grade given to Bobby Hart. There is, however, a belief that Beachum’s struggles were due in part to 2016 being his first season back from his knee surgery and that he could return to form going forward. His PFF grades in 2014 and 2015 were 85.6 and 77.7, respectively. The Jaguars did not want to pick up his option, which would have carried a cap hit of $8.5 million in 2017, to find out.

You can't fault the Jags for cutting him with that kind of cap hit. So what do you think the Panthers would or should offer Beachum?