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Cam Newton honors the season of giving by handing out warm clothing to Charlotte homeless

No cameras, no reporters, no publicity. Just the real Cam Newton at work, and someone happened to notice.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Cam Newton is a good man. Those of us who have followed the Carolina Panthers for any decent length of time know that. Despite a personality in front of the camera that can sometimes turn people off, we often see the real Cam Newton come out when no one, or very few people, are looking.

Despite a flurry of charitable events that he partakes in every year, often at his own expense, many people continue to say that he only does it for the publicity. That he wouldn’t do it without being able to sit in the spotlight and smile for the cameras.

There are several acts that we have heard about only through back channels and individual sightings that confirm this to be a lie. Who knows how many more there have actually been? Just to name a few...

And on... and on... and on....

Those are just a few examples of Cam Newton doing something great and us finding out about it after the fact. Because someone posted a tweet, a pic, a whatever, to a personal account. Well Cam has done it again...

That’s right. The night before playing the Minnesota Vikings, and on one of the coldest nights of the year so far, Cam Newton was out there alone on a bridge passing out warm gear to a group of the Charlotte area homeless. Not expecting to be noticed, not wanting to be noticed, just out doing a good thing because it is in his nature. The person tweeting out the account apparently found out through a former homeless veteran, that Cam had also touched.

These reports are about as verified as any off-camera unofficial report are going to be... but given the history Cam has with charitable acts, I am willing to stake my reputation that it did in fact happen.

Cam Newton is a hero and a role model that we should all aspire to emulate, especially this holiday season.

If Cam Newton’s kindness moves you, perhaps you’ll be moved to donate to the Thomas Davis Defending Dreams Foundation through our annual CSR Gifts from the Heart charity drive: