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Of all the Panthers’ offensive linemen, Taylor Moton would make the best skill position player

Moton is already the ‘jumbo package’ tight end for the Panthers. Perhaps they should look into expanding his role and letting him play the H-back position inside the 5-yard line.

If the Panthers could convert one offensive lineman to a skill position, they should put offensive tackle Taylor Moton in the H-back role.

The Panthers already use Moton as the extra tight end in the ‘jumbo package’ from time to time, so he already has semi-experience playing a skill position. If it were up to me, the Panthers would use him as the H-back in goal-to-go situations, similar to how they’ve used guys like Richie Brockel in the past.

Moton is 6’5” and weighs 320 lbs. At the NFL Combine, he ran a 5.18 40-yard dash. That’s a lot of human moving at a pretty decent speed. Imagine Cam Newton handing him the ball on 3rd and goal from inside the five yard line. Once he builds up enough steam, there’s no way anyone’s bringing him down.

In his pre-draft analysis of Moton, Lance Zierlein called him ‘a bear with strong paws’, and that’s a very accurate statement. So yeah - you should give him the dang ball, Panthers. The ‘85 Bears used to do this with William ‘Refrigerator’ Perry on the goal line, and Ron Rivera was on that ‘85 Bears team. I’m honestly surprised we haven’t seen this play happen already.

(Please make it happen, Ron. I don’t even care if he fumbles it. Let Moton run the dang ball at least once. We need to see this.)

What do you think, Panthers fans? Would you like to see Moton get carries from the H-back position in goal line situations? Which other offensive linemen do you think could play skill positions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

(Inspiration for this article came from this beautiful fumble recovery by Raiders offensive lineman Marshall Newhouse.)