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NFL Fantasy Football 2017 Week 9: DFS Advice

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Advice for a DFS week 9 lineup.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We’ll start off with my suggestions for last week and see how all that panned out.

DFS Week 8

QB Andy Dalton 15.90% IND 23 CIN 24 Final 2 PaTD, 243 PaYds, 10 RuYds 18.72
RB Jerick McKinnon 8.60% MIN 33 CLE 16 Final 1 RuTD, 72 RecYds, 50 RuYds, 6 REC, 1 2PT 26.2
RB Chris Thompson 23.40% DAL 33 WAS 19 Final 76 RecYds, 8 REC, 18 RuYds, 1 FUM 16.4
WR Will Fuller V 10.60% HOU 38 SEA 41 Final 2 RecTD, 125 RecYds, 5 REC, 1 100+Rec 32.5
WR Ted Ginn Jr. 19.40% CHI 12 NO 20 Final 68 RecYds, 2 REC 8.8
WR A.J. Green 23.60% IND 23 CIN 24 Final 1 RecTD, 27 RecYds, 3 REC 11.7
TE Kyle Rudolph 16.10% MIN 33 CLE 16 Final 1 RecTD, 27 RecYds, 6 REC 14.7
FLEX LeGarrette Blount 14.00% SF 10 PHI 33 Final 1 RuTD, 4 RecYds, 48 RuYds, 1 REC 12.2
DST Bengals 9.90% IND 23 CIN 24 Final 4 SACK, 1 INT, 1 DefTD, 1 BLK 14

This was a great lineup. The only disappointment was Andy Dalton but if anyone saw the Seahawks giving up more points than the Colts...well I hope you played DeShaun Watson or Russel Wilson last week. Will Fuller had a huge week, McKinnon performed exactly as expected. You can’t hope for much more than this.


Alex Smith/Dak Prescott

You can use either quarterback with this lineup and have salary to cover it. My assessment is that Dak would be the better option, facing a soft defense in what will likely be shoot out but I worry Zeke, facing suspension may take TDs out of Dak’s stat sheet. In that case Smith, stacked with Hill, could be a deadly combination.

Running Back

Leonard Fournette

Fournette is averaging the 20s on every outing. He’s essentially match up proof. It helps that he faces the same defense that let Duke Johnson and Marlon Mack have decent days.

Running Back

Lamar Miller

Miller is a risk against any team right now with the loss of DeShaun Watson but Indy has given up 20 plus in almost all of their games this season. With Savage freely admitting there’s a lot Watson can do that he can’t, the ground game becomes a big deal for Houston. Other cheaper options include Adrian Peterson, Aaron Jones and even Alex Collins.

Wide Receiver

Dez Bryant

What appears to be a shootout in the making needs big name receivers to make big plays. Dez is primed to have a great outing against a Kansas City team that struggles against talented receivers. Stacking with Dez helps improve numbers on the bottom line.

Wide Receiver

Devin Funchess

Carolina traded Kelvin Benjamin (supposedly) to get different talent on the field. Funchess has been a clutch receiver for Cam at times this year and now holds the defacto WR1 position. If anyone stands to gain this week from a shocker of a trade, Funchess would be that guy.

Wide Receiver

Tyreek Hill

Hill is a game changer that’s a threat every week. I’m looking for the Chiefs to use Hill’s next level speed to put Dallas on their heels early. Hill is also a serious threat in the return game.

Tight End

Vernon Davis

Davis is a talented player stepping in for the perpetually injured incumbent, Jordan Reed. The Seahawks have allowed Tyler Higbee and Evan Engram to reach double digits in recent weeks.


Darren Fells

Trade rumors signaled that Detroit is ready to move on from Eric Ebron who has struggled with serious drop issue most of the season. Darren Fells has stepped into this position and provided stability the Lions desperately needed. His role should expand going forward.

Defense/Special Teams


Houston faces an anemic Indianapolis team that already has its sites set on the 2018 season. It shouldn’t take much to keep the Colts under control.

Those are my picks. I’m taking some leaps this weeks based on match ups in order to save salary for some key positions. Who are your picks for Sunday’s slate?