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Panthers Injury Update: Greg Olsen’s foot X-ray negative

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Greg Olsen’s X-rays came back negative for further damage to his ankle following soreness in New York.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Panthers fans got a dose of good news following an ‘ugly’ win over the Jets on Sunday. Greg Olsen, who exited the game early with what was reported only as a foot injury, was taken for x-rays to ensure there was no new damage to the same foot that had him on injured reserve for eight weeks.

According to several sources, including NFL reporter Ian Rapoport, Olsen’s initial status is okay, with further tests coming. Whether he will return for a much needed boost in the divisional showdown against New Orleans this Sunday remains to be seen, but for now at least it looks to be a minor injury.

Olsen played 21 of 42 snaps but was unable to get a rhythm going with Cam Newton, who was likely feeling the effects of his own thumb injury. Given another week of practice, the two hopefully will find their groove again. How do you think Olsen’s return will affect the Panthers last 5 games?