Get the Lead Out

The Panthers have been dishearteningly inconsistent on offense this season. This has provided the impetus for multiple CSR posts on player or coaching changes needed to address the problem. Though many of these submissions have shown considerable insight and/or merit, I believe one area in need of attention has been completely overlooked. The Panthers need to show some hustle between plays.

Lethargy seems to have become institutionalized within the Panthers offense over the past few years. There is no sense of urgency, even when the situation calls for it. How many plays have not gotten off because of time wasted while players tarried instead of getting set for the next snap? There are other reasons a little hustle can be beneficial. How many times has Tom Brady quick snapped the ball to catch opponents with 12 men on the field (presto! free five yards) or attacking their defense before it is set?

Think of the inherent increase in the energy level brought to the field with a quicker pace. The Panthers should only go to a quick snap when it is advantageous, like in the examples given earlier. Otherwise, get lined up and let Cam get a good pre-snap read on the defense. The Panthers have been more effective when working in this mode and it should end the delay of game calls or the use of a time out to prevent one. Also, ingrained into the offense, this should eliminate the bad habit of wasting time in hurry-up situations. A final point to be made is that this also puts them in position to control the clock which is essential for a team that prides itself on being run oriented on offense and strong on defense.

There you have it. To be honest, this is a post that’s been in my thoughts for quite a while. I have seen enough of the wasted time costing an extra play before the two minute warning, an extra six yards lost before a field goal attempt, or a time out wasted for the slowpoke shuffle between plays. It just seems so unprofessional in the apathetic way Panther players transition from play to play and how the coaches seem indifferent to it all. It’s past time to light a fire and get some heat out of this offense.

As always, I appreciate your taking the time to read this post and feel free to critique it in the comments.

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