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NFL 2017 Fantasy Football Week 7: Start/Sit Advice

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Start/Sit advice for Week 7 in fantasy football

NFL: International Series-Arizona Cardinals Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The season is close to the halfway point. Unexpected blow ups, both good and bad, have shaken up early season rosters and left those who thought they were comfortable scrambling for starters and auto-drafters suddenly have a shot at the postseason. Let’s take a look at where you can make a difference this week.



Drew Brees

Brees and the Saints struggled early getting off to a terrible start that ha many experienced fans throwing in the towel. Since then he has blown up the stat sheet against good defenses in Carolina and Detroit. The Packers are struggling to find an answer for the Aaron Rodgers loss and will probably struggle with field position all day. Drew should have a chance to get something going.

Andy Dalton

Despite what it looks like, Pittsbrugh hasn’t proved it’s turned a corner with their win over Kansas City. The Chiefs got Andy Reid’ed and lost to a team that’s had their number for years. With A.J. Green putting up consistent numbers, the passer on the other end earns a start this week.

Carson Wentz

I hate putting this name on here but let’s be honest, Wentz, for whatever reason, is getting it done when he needs to. He benefited from early Christmas presents in the TNF win against Carolina but with Washington possibly missing their key cornerback as Josh Norman recovers from a lung injury, the divisional showdown should see a heavy dose of Agholor/Ertz with Carson providing the arm.

Wide Receiver

A.J. Green

Green has been super consistent for fantasy owners this season. No reason to expect that to change when Cincy takes on the rejuvenated Steelers. This is the same team that lost to Mike Glenon and Blake Bortles so...

J.J. Nelson

This is kind of a leap of faith for me. J.J. Nelson has been the definition of boom or bust in Arizona all year. The problem was everyone knew he was the big play guy. With the arrival Adrian Peterson, teams are going to have to stack the box a little more. This leaves the home run guy free to run.

Devin Funchess

That big ol’ nasty knot on Benjamin’s knee hasn’t gone away. Concerns during the week limit Kelvin’s viability against the Bears on Sunday. Still listed as a starter I’ll put my eggs in the breakout basket of Devin Funchess who’s seeing a great chemistry develop with Newton since Olsen went down.

Running Back

Adrian Peterson

Come on. One the league’s deadliest rushing attacks attains one of the league’s best running backs in history. This is going to be fun to watch. The Rams have allowed 8 rushing touchdowns against a range of opponents. Excited to be a starter again, I think Arians feeds AP and the Rams struggle to contain him.

DeVonta Freeman

The Falcons and Patriots have next level offenses on a good day but New England’s defense has struggled mightily to prevent anyone from scoring. If Ryan can get the Falcons to an early lead, expect Freeman to take over and keep the ball out of Brady’s hands.

Jerrick McKinnon

McKinnon has taken over for Cook and performed well in his absence. He has a touchdown in each of his last two games and faces the Ravens at home. His 4.6 yards per attempt should translate well in the stat sheet. As the Vikings figure out who their quarterback is gonna be, McKinnon can still carry the load.

Tight End

Austin Hooper

Mohammad Sanu is still injured coming into this week with a hamstring issue. Hooper is a big target that draws targets from Ryan whenever the offense is shorthanded. He was targeted 7 times two weeks ago and 9 times versus Miami. He’s an interesting Flex option in a favorable match-up.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins

Seferian-Jenkins has turned into a powerful weapon for the Jets. He’s second in receptions behind the team’s leading receiver (Jermaine Kearse) and nearly tied for targets as well. He’s a big red zone target with lots of potential going forward. New York had a good game in Week 3, they’ve gotten themselves together since then.

Zach Miller

I’m not one to bet against the home team but Carolina has struggled against tight ends this season. With Luke Kuechly out, the defense is missing its field general which could lead to unfavorable match ups. It’s obvious Trubisky is leaning on his big man while he gets his feet wet in Chicago. Miller should be good for at least one TD.


Ryan Succop

Succop has put up better numbers in multiple weeks than a ton of WRS and plenty of QBs. The man makes points. It’s a sneaky way to win a game but hey, points are points.

Defense/Special Teams


Kind of a no brainer. The Jaguars have lit up better teams than the Colts for most of the season. Indy is struggling to remain relevant while Jacksonville is pushing for the playoffs for the first time since...(quick Google search) 2007. These cats are hungry.


There’s a lot of things that go into making picks, even wrong ones. It’s easy to overthink it. Let’s be honest, this is based on something Bears fans learned a long time ago, never trust Jay Cutler. Miami has a low scoring, uninspiring offense against a team making a name for itself.


Buffalo has benefited significantly since becoming the Panthers North. This defense is giving teams fits week in and week out. Tampa Bay, with an injured Winston and a lackluster offense don’t project well toward changing that trend.



Brett Hundley

For what it’s worth I think Brett Hundley can keep Green Bay relevant long enough to salvage a Wild Card berth as long as Rodgers returns in December. I don’t think he’s going to have any chance whatsoever against Drew Brees and a New Orleans team that at least for now has decided to play defense like a legitimate contender.

Kirk Cousins

Y’all remember what Philly did to Cam and the Panthers on Thursday night? Ok, now put Kirk Cousins in the pocket, do you feel better about that game? Me neither. The pass rush on this team right now is a monster and I’m not betting Kirk can captain his team past that.

Jameis Winston

Winston is playing but he’s facing Buffalo. Famous Jameis has a tendency to throw untimely interceptions and Buffalo simply won’t let you get away with that. The Bills match up well against the run game which leaves Tampa Bay with few options.

Wide Receiver

Randall Cobb/Mike Adams

There could be huge surprises but on paper Green Bay is going to struggle for a week or two while they figure out how to play without Aaron Rodgers. The only receiver I trust in Green Bay is Jordy Nelson.

T.Y. Hilton

T.Y. has put up impressive numbers in a handful of games but Jacksonville is stout. The Jags have shut down Hilton’s productivity in the past, I don’t expect it to change Sunday.

Mike Evans

There’s still questions whether Jameis will be able to play the whole game and at what level. Buffalo isn’t the team I want to find out against. If there are other options go ahead and take them.

Running Back

Ty Montgomery

Contrary to popular opinion, Ty Montgomery isn’t really a running back. He’s a hybrid monster that benefits from the damage Aaron Rodgers can do to you downfield. What happens when you take that deep threat away? Give Montgomery a week or two find his way back into the game plan.

Jordan Howard

Don’t let Luke Kuechly’s absence fool you, Carolina is a tough team to run against. They haven’t allowed a big gainer all year and that doesn’t look to change against a Bears offense that’s basically one dimensional. Chicago doesn’t have the receiving corps to force Carolina into coverage. Stacked boxes and David Mayo can keep Howard in his place for a week.

Shane Vereen

Vereen looked to be the guy most benefiting from the injuries to New York’s entire receiving corps but Orleans Darkwa has emerged as the obvious starter.As long as Big Blue keeps getting big games from Darkwa, Vereen remains a breather back with limited potential.

Tight End

David Njoku

Cleveland does few things well, including roster management. Njoku is splitting targets with a committee of tight ends and proving ineffective. With questions all over the quarterback situation and no clear starters I’d steer clear of the Browns on all fronts right now.

Cameron Brate

I just don’t trust Jameis versus Buffalo. So, Brate gets two TDs, Martin runs for 150 yards and Evans breaks a receiving record. Amirite?

Julius Thomas

Thomas was an early season favorite for sleeper of the year. Negative. Rejuvenated cutler lasted about two games and the Dolphins are an up and down team. Save yourself the headache (and apathy) and move on.

Defense/Special Teams


The Patriots are facing an angry Falcons team that has been the butt of every joke for months on end. Expect Atlanta to come out swinging, and then promptly hand the game over in the third quarter but the first half should be a high scoring affair against a weak New England defense.


The Bengals have a new OC and they’re firing on all cylinders. Dalton has found a rhythm. This far from the post-season I trust the Bengals to put up at least 21 on the Steelers.

Green Bay

New Orleans Saints. Nuff said.

That’s my list. Who are your starters and sitters for this week? Any sleepers you’re streaming for that extra edge?