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NFL Fantasy Football 2017 Week 7: Waiver wire advice

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Who should you target on the waiver wire this week?

NFL: New York Giants at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The season has proven that anything can happen week to week. It may seem like the waiver wire is picked clean but with injuries, roster shuffles and good matchups, there’s still a few options out there to get you that extra edge.


Brett Hundley?

Let’s be honest, Green Bay is done. The chances of a Packers Superbowl are all but non existent right now but....that doesn’t mean with a crew of superstars they can’t put up points. It’s a long shot and one I’m not ready to take just yet but if you need to take a chance somewhere, there’s very few backups surrounded by more talent than this guy right now. With three years in the system he may be able to get something done. (I mean, maybe?)

Wide Receiver

Ted Ginn Jr.

Teddy Ginn will burn you every time. Whether it’s on the field or in a fantasy roster, Ginn has the magical ability to go big and then drop the ball immediately afterward. With Injuries to the receiver corps and an upcoming tilt against Green Bay, Ginn has the opportunity to put up points. I’d probably bench him again soon after though.

Running Back

Orleans Darkwa

I’ve had Darkwa in my lineup before and I’ve dropped him before but that was before the entire New York Giants offense went down with injuries. Shane Vereen honestly projected to be the bell cow at this position, especially after his performance when OBJ first got injured. However, against the leagues best rushing defense at home, Orleans Darkwa put up big numbers and helped the Giants pull in their first win. That’s worth at least another week’s starter duties.

Marlon Mack

Marlon Mack figured to be the most added RB on waivers this week with a great game a week ago and coming against the Titans where he was expected to go off yet again. Alas, it was not to be. Moving on to a brutal Jaguars defense, I’m not confident Mack is a starter yet but he’s shown enough potential to be a stash if you have the bench room.

Tight End

Austin Hooper

The most targeted player for Atlanta is taking over for an injured Mohammad Sanu. Julio Jones is getting shut down in recent weeks, the Falcons are floundering and they’re turning to New England for a Superbowl rematch. The Patriots defense is letting anyone score these days so I’d take a look at Hooper for a potential big day in a shootout.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins

The Jets won that game. Let me say it again. The Jets. Won. That. Game. Props to ACasualPanthersFan for suggesting Seferian-Jenkins in last week’s waiver report. The TE has shown a solid progression in his skills since leaving Tampa Bay and appears to be an under the radar winner with opportunities to contribute this season.

Defense/Special Teams

Chicago Bears

The Bears had two interceptions and made the Ravens look inept (or showcased it) on Sunday. Following a solid showing against Minnesota, Chicago is proving that even backups can get it done in this system. I’m not starting them against Carolina but I’m stashing them for matchups later in the season.

Who are your waiver wire targets for Week 7?