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NFL fantasy football 2017 Week 6 waiver wire targets

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There are plenty of targets for teams struggling in Week 6.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

We’re a third of the way through and by now teams are finding out who’s legit and who needs to just quit. The Bears have made a big change that benefits teams in need (tread’s Da Bears). So, while you’re shopping for the next big thing, here’s a few names you could target ahead of waiver claims tomorrow.


Mitchell Trubisky

All the quarterbacks worth having have pretty much been snapped by this point in the season but on Monday Night the Bears debuted their rookie pick to a lukewarm reception. The waiver wires won’t be clamoring for Trubisky, who looked shaky but competent in his first game. Trubisky was stacked against a defense that shut down everything Chicago threw at it, and will still be developing timing with a crew of no name receivers. I’d stash him a week or two and see how it goes next week.

Wide Receiver

Kevin Wright

The Trubisky start provides an immediate boost to the Bears’ wide receiver corps. Here’s the thing, who will benefit is anybody’s guess. These are not Hall of Fame receivers. Wright is the number one but Marcus Wheaton is getting back from injuries and could become a big name to follow ... or you know, not.

Sterling Shepard

Someone has to catch passes for the Giants. With Marshall and Beckham both down with injuries, the woes in New York could mean big targets for an otherwise bust so far this season.

Running Back

Jerrick McKinnon

Jerrick McKinnon didn’t look exceptional on MNF but again, the defenses ruled the day and neither team could get a lot going. McKinnon is the bell cow for Minnesota now that Dalvin Cook is out for the season. Especially in PPR leagues he’s should be a solid number 2 or FLEX going forward.

Adrian Peterson

Everyone in the world dropped AP after his lackluster season debut saw virtually no touches in New Orleans. Behind a deep backfield that doesn’t rely on a feature back, AP wasted away in the Big Easy. Now that the Arizona Cardinals have made the potentially season saving move to snag Peterson to replace David Johnson, AP and AZ should both see big dividends.

Tight End

Zach Miller

Trubisky’s first touchdown in the NFL came off a tipped pass to the talented but underutilized tight end in Chicago. Miller has always been a fringe player but as Trubisky gets his legs under him, a tall veteran receiver is a rookie’s best friend.

Evan Engram

Still available in plenty of leagues, see above. With fewer receivers than ever, the already decent performance from Engram should improve going forward.


Harrison Butker

If you haven’t heard about Butker ... what are you doing? Kickers don’t usually suffer from waiver fever but if you need a few extra points from a reliable specialist, Butker is your man.

Those are my waiver choices. Who are you going after for bye season?