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NFL Fantasy Football 2017 Week 4: Start/Sit Advice

Who’s in and Who’s out for Week 4.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Week 4 has begun and there’s a lot to take into account.



Drew Brees

Brees lit up the Panthers in week 3 showing that he’s still got what it takes, especially when the run game gets going. The Saints face the Dolphins early in London, a trip that tends to wear out defenses and make the running game a factor early. The Dolphins gave up one to the Jets so a competent offense should be able to make an impact.

DeShaun Watson

Watson has been moving up in fantasy rankings as he learns this offense. The Titans are good disguising pressure but Watson’s elusiveness could prove valuable. Also, DeAndre Hopkins has had a hug games against Tennessee, so adding in a hot young QB should be a recipe for success.

Wide Receiver

DeAndre Hopkins

Hopkins has all the tools to tear a defense apart. He has the recipe for taking out the Titans and Watson’s ability to extend plays bodes well for the veteran receiver.

Larry Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald is rarely a true sit, there’s always a possibility Fitz will work his magic on the field. He loves the 49ers as a target for big games. With JJ Nelson getting less looks last week, Palmer is showing he still trusts his favorite receiver when it really counts.

Ted Ginn Jr

Every team has the big play guy. Ted Ginn broke loose last week for a huge reception and the chemistry between him and Drew Brees has had an opportunity to strengthen. Ginn should be able to take advantage of the Dolphins’ secondary and pull in another big reception.....or not.

Running Back

Khareem Hunt

One of the most dynamic RBs in recent history, you gotta give Khareem the nod any chance you get. Against Washington on MNF, this is the time when big players make big plays.

Jonathan Stewart

Stewart is always a start for me because he’s yet to disappoint. Against the worst defense in the league you gotta hope Shula learned from last weeks performance and sticks with the running game when it’s working. Keeping the ball out of Brady’s hands in the game plan of any competent OC.

Leonard Fournette

Heavy targets, major yardage, Leonard Fournette is the Jacksonville offense. Trying to run down the clock on another lower level opponent, Fournette should have the workload to put up big numbers with or without the TD.

Tight End

Charles Clay

Clay is getting the most looks out of Tyrod and the Bills OC. He’s a security blanket for an offense that isn’t clicking entirely yet. McDermott knows the value of a good TE and he’s using Clay in a Olsen-esque role.

Rob Gronkowski

New England plays Carolina. Carolina struggles against TEs. New England has one of the best in the league. The results are obvious.

Defense/Special Teams


The Chiefs are one of the best defenses in the league with an extra day to prepare for the Washington Redskins. Cousins is a talented QB bt he’ll have his hands full against KC.


The Bengals haven’t given up much to the opposition, their record is more an indicator of the offense’s inability to score. With a new OC and a new philosophy, Cincinnati is finding ways to punish teams. They’re on a mission to prove who the best team in Ohio is.



Cam Newton

Newton’s struggled have been highlighted by an offensive line that can’t provide protection but it’s obvious there’s something wrong. Cam has overthrown at least 28 pts worth of TDs in just 3 games. The shoulder injury is limiting his practice time and keeping his value low.

DeShone Kizer

Kizer faces a Bengals defense that is tougher than its record and still has to play for the Browns. Not the best week to start the rookie.

Wide Receiver

Kelvin Benjamin

Benjamin is the obvious number one and suffered a scary knee injury last week. New England no doubt knows Newton’s tendency to force feed Benjamin when he’s uncomfortable. With Kalil still out at center, Newton will be uncomfortable often.

Jermaine Kearse

Facing one of the best defenses in the league against lower ranked teams, Kearse doesn’t stand much of a chance when the Jets play Jacksonville. His numbers have been respectable but he’s too hit or miss for this match up.

Tight End

Travis Kelce

Tyreek Hill will likely continue to dominate the targets and keep Kelce’s potential lower than last season. This is great for the Chiefs, bad for the TE thin league. Solid Flex option if you need 5 - 7 reliable points.

Defense/Special Teams


The Dolphins are accustomed to playing in London so this may help them, but Miami hasn’t played Brees and company often enough to prepare for the onslaught New Orleans brings. Feels like a bad start.


The Panthers defense is one of the best in the league when facing lower ranked teams. Drew Brees exposed a wealth of weaknesses that Tom Brady will be even more prepared to take advantage of. Sit them.


The Chiefs are rolling this season. They’re coming into MNF hot and I wouldn’t want to be in their way. Sit Washington this week.