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Panthers fall to 7th in Week 2 Power Rankings

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I know...rankings schmanckings.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently when your kicker misses a game winning kick it means you must be decided worse than 7 days ago. The Panthers slide from 4th to 7th in the latest SBN power rankings.

Rank Team Last Week
1 New England Patriots 2
2 Denver Broncos 10
3 Seattle Seahawks 3
4 Cincinnati Bengals 6
5 Green Bay Packers 5
6 Pittsburgh Steelers 7
7 Carolina Panthers 4
8 Minnesota Vikings 8
9 Oakland Raiders 9
10 Arizona Cardinals 1

If you are looking for some kind of justification for the drop you are in luck...though you may not buy it:

2016 NFL power rankings, Week 2: Patriots back on top -

I underestimated the Broncos. No, I underestimated Trevor Siemian. He wasn’t exactly an All-Pro, but he was good enough and had a great team around him. The Panthers played a much better game than they did the last time they met the Broncos. I still dropped them three spots because they still somehow failed to put a second blocker on Von Miller, as if they hadn’t learned their lesson.

Miller finished with three tackles, 1 sack and 1 QB hurry. I would say that was a much better job of blocking the guy this time around. Miller played 56 snaps and Newton threw the ball 33 times. So that would mean about 30 times he didn't pressure or sack the QB.

Well at least we ended up better than the Cardinals, who dropped from 1st to 10th after losing to the Brady-less and Gronk-less Patriots. That's alright, let them continue to doubt us, to under estimate us. That's just where we want to be.