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Super Cam; Cam Newton’s Rise to Greatness: A Review

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We got a chance to read the Charlotte Observer’s newest book about Cam Newton’s career.

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Sometimes, a great way to put things into perspective about your present is to delve a bit into your past. As Panthers fans, we’ve seen everything from near perfection to soul crushing disappointment since Cam Newton joined the Panthers. Thankfully, we are on the good side of that now. But a new book by the Charlotte Observer is a good way to see exactly how far the organization, and more importantly Cam Newton, has come since the team announced its first overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Super Cam: Cam Newton’s Rise to Greatness, takes you down the long road that both Cam and us fans have traveled since Superman dawned the number one jersey for the Carolina Panthers. What it delivers is a collection of articles that came straight from specific and often pivotal points in time for the team since Cam became the face. You’re also treated to some amazing photography, covering anywhere from hilarious moments from Newton’s tenure to amazing moments we experienced alongside him. Articles picked out from some of his worst moments in his early career and his best moments later on in his career, largely in 2015 following what should be an unforgettable season. The book helps tell the story of Cam’s early troubles, such as his inability to handle a loss or his exhaustingly documented struggles as a passer.

Not to give too much away, but it covers nearly all of the biggest moments (good and bad) in Cam’s time. I truly enjoyed getting the chance to reread about many of the struggles and victories of Cam Newton’s still young career. The book touches on things like draft day, Cam’s first game, his early on struggles with adversity, his unique skill set, his “controversial” scrap with Josh Norman, and his career defining moments. The biggest part of the book covers the entire 2015 season, where Cam truly came into his own and dominated nearly all competition. You’ll also find hidden gems, such as Jake Delhomme coming home and setting an example for Cam, or the origins of the TD football giveaway to kids.

As a guy who has covered the Panthers since Cam got here and watched as a fan for long before that, this is a great book to read. It helps hammer home the fact that the Panthers have truly come so far, and that Cam was the bolt that struck the lightning rod. I strongly recommend buying this book, if for nothing else but to look back several years down the line and remember that you got to experience a truly great time in Panther history.

You can pick the book up starting today, through here, Amazon, or directly though the Charlotte Observer.