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It’s Fantasy Football Draft Week

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The fourteen CSR fantasy football leagues draft over the next 7 to 10 days.

2014 Football Trophy

Here’s my draft schedule:

CSR 1 Monday 9 pm ET

CSR 13 Tuesday 9 pm ET

CSR IDP 2 Wednesday 9 pm ET

I’ll probably post the results and let you tell me how great I did. So is that too many leagues? Hell I have three more, 2 on ESPN and 1 I’m nuts I know...I just put a lot of effort into the draft and then through the first couple of waiver wires weeks and then I just play the guys I got. I used to do things a lot differently.

I actually think there are three types of fantasy football mangers when it comes to the draft.

The managers who over prepare

That’s me this year. I’ve probably done over 20 mock drafts at this point, scoured every sleeper and bust post I could find and reviewed the top 200 players listing of a half dozen pundits. What I didn’t do was pay for some kind of draft prep package. I think they are all guessing to a large degree. Hell I can do that...wait that’s why I have previously been this next kind of manager...

The manager who wings the draft

I mean its such a crap shoot really. Why prepare because the draft never goes like you think it’s going too even when you know your draft slot in advance. I’ve seen auto-pick drafts win it all. Which brings me to the next kind of manager...

The manager who misses the draft

Of course this is usually the guy that gets the late round break out player by sheer luck. I don’t know why it works but it does... and there’s always that one that misses the draft and autopick grabs that guy you are hoping will slide to you. Damn you autopick!

Here’s one thing they all have in common. After they draft they all think they have a chance. ‘Cause honestly you do.

Happy drafting everybody!

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