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Brenton Bersin vs LaRon Byrd 2016

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Brian and Erik get together to have it out once and for all: Who is our WR5?

NFL: Carolina Panthers-Training Camp Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Every now and then, a beef starts here at CSR. Whether it’s over who should be starting at running back, old draft picks out of Appalachian State, or what free agents the Panthers should sign, eventually a friendly debate begins. Unless of course, you’re talking about back up wide receivers. Then it gets personal. So Erik and I got into a bit of an Internet feud about who the Panthers 5th wide receiver actually is. Today, we make our cases for them.

House Byrd

Standard Bearer: Erik Sommers

Sigil: The Falcon

Best Meme:

Ever feel like roster spots everywhere

Battle Song:Surfin’ Bird” by The Trashmen

Every once in awhile you run into a thought so asinine, so ridiculous, that you lose a shred of respect for the person uttering it. I thought Brian Beaversloots to be a decent level-headed man, until I found out he considers Goldilocks Bersin to be the best of the three WR bears. But in my opinion, only one porridge can be just right, and that is the one being served up by Damiere Byrd.

What Byrd lacks in size, tenure, and Wofford college degrees, he makes up for in being better at everything else. Everyone wants WRs on the field that can bust the game wide open with their speed and elusiveness, Byrd possesses these characteristics, Bersin simply does not. Sure, if you like five yard out routes, Bersin is your guy, but if you like to GO DEEP, like a man, then you want Damiere Byrd.

It wouldn’t be a bottom of the receiver roster conversation without speaking a bit about returns. Though Byrd does have one muff on record this preseason, most of his returns have made an impact even though a couple were called back on penalties. Brenton Bersin’s return skills are limited to “just catch the ball” and we all know how great he is at that...

In conclusion, the team knows what it has in Bersin, and that isn’t very much. He has likely hit his ceiling as an NFL receiver and won’t be improving much more. Damiere Byrd, however, is just now rounding into form and has a ways to go, but the signs are promising. He’s the type of player that if you can just get the ball in his hands, he can really make a difference. I believe he deserves one of the final WR spots on the team this year, and am calling for him to replace Brenton Bersin on the roster.

Cut Day is Coming



House Bersin

Standard Bearer: Brian Beversluis

Sigil: The Sun

Best Meme

Battle Song: “It’s Raining Bersin (Hallelujah)” by The Sunshine Girls

I see our friend Erik “Tater Salad” Sommers is taking shots at DA GOAT, YA BOI, Brenton Bersin. I NEVER thought we’d disagree on a subject so linear, so agreeable, so damn near undebatable as Bersin being the Panthers 5th wide receiver. But sometimes people have their heads shoved up somewhere that the Bersin don’t shine, and this is where we fix it.

Byrd lacks literally everything that would make him a better fit than Bersin and Erik tries to dismiss it. Number one, YA BOI comes from Wofford. He’s already got the inside track thanks to that simple nod to his glory days for Jerry Richardson. Sure, we could add another speedy receiver into the fold, but that’s what we have Ted Ginn and Philly Brown for. The Panthers lost arguably the most important part of that offense when they let Jerricho Cotchery go in the offseason. You wanna know who his understudy was?


They all put me on blast when I suggested that he could make the team a few years back. I’m not always the sharpest donut in the elevator, but when it comes to Bersin I am a prophet. And I’m telling you right now, YA BOI is also YA 5TH RECEIVER. It can’t always be sunny in Carolina without Sunshine. Do we really need more Byrds?