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Patriots vs Panthers Final Score: Patriots win 19-17

The Panthers starters took a step backward tonight in their 3rd preseason game. Usually this is when you want to play well.

New England Patriots v Carolina Panthers Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Instead it was the 3rd team that mounted a comeback. Here’s a quick hit recap

1st Quarter

Cam had all day to throw early but no one could get open. Then a terrible 2nd punt by Scifres after he was essentially injured on the previous play when he was roughed.

Worley getting tested early. Patriots drive the field but miss a FG. Kuechly dropped an INT that was right at him. He later makes a 3rd down tackle after looking like a missile out of the backfield.

Panthers and Patriots trade punts before Cam gets intercepted on a deep pass down the left to Benjamin. Newton not looking too good throwing the ball but Stewart does break one nice run off right tackle.

Brady comes in and drives down into the red zone but on 3rd down throws incomplete to TE Bennett. FG is made this time.

3-0 Patriots at the end of the 1st quarter.

2nd Quarter

CAP gets three carries for 13 yards then catches a pass in the flat and converts a 1st down. Panthers roll until a holding call and then Cam forces a pass over the middle that gets tipped and picked. Brady then drives the field and drops one in the bucket for a TD over Benwikere. The botch the two point attempt.

Five Panthers penalties so far.

Patriots 9-0

Ginn misses a deep pass through the hands. On 3rd and eight hits Foz on the check down and has to punt.

Punt coverage sucks, gives up a 20 yard return after a low 45 yard punt. Coleman drops an INT while Boston whiffs on a tackle. Cam went out for a series but then came back in. Ginn has several drops in this game.

9-0 at the half

3rd Quarter

Newton starts the second half but Panthers do very little and punt. Defense then holds up after the Patriots drive to mid-field but are stopped short on 4th down. Kuechly stops the RB off the left side.

Panthers get the ball at midfield. Newton completes passes to Tolbert and KB and then CAP converts a 3rd down to get inside the red zone. On 2nd and 8 from the 11 Newton escapes a sack and lobs a sure TD to Dickson who drops it. On 3rd down Newton can’t find anyone so he throws it away. FG makes it 9-3.

Panther D then forces a quick punt and Newton is back on the field. CAP converts the 3rd and short. Newton is obviously not running the ball and the Patriots know it, dropping players into coverage. Then Oher gets his second holding call. Fozzy hurt his should on the play. On 3rd down Newton again has plenty of time but can’t find anyone open and throws it away.

Starters are out. Patriots get a big run back on the punt thanks to a no call. Patriots drive down and score quickly.

Patriots 16-3

4th Quarter

Webb in the game. The teams trade short drives as neither gets much going. Then the Patriots get the ball and drive to the red zone mostly by running the ball. The 3rd team defense isn’t getting much penetration yet again. The Patriots settle for a FG.

Patriots 19-3

Webb scrambles for a 1st down and converts another throwing to Avius Capers. In between were some ugly passes. Webb then hits Capers again and then Shuler to get into the red zone. It then looked like Shuler had scored but it was called back as he didn’t get the 2nd foot down. Two plays later they score anyway and but get stopped short on the 2 pointer on a run by Scoot Simmons.

Patriots 19-9

After another quick Patriots punt Webb drives down the field throwing to Capers and Shuler before scoring another TD on a pass to Marcus Lucas yet again. They then convert the 2 pointer to make the difference a 2 point game. Alas, less than a minute in the game so the Pats run out the clock.

Patriots 19-17

Injury Update:

So what are your takeaways from this game Panthers fans?