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Panthers Season Opener Countdown: 15 Days to Go

There are only 15 days until the start of Panthers football, so let’s take a look at #15, WR Keyarris Garrett.

NFL: Carolina Panthers-Minicamp Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

There are only 15 days until the start of Panthers football, so let’s talk about #15, WR Keyarris Garrett.


Age: 23

Height: 6’4"

Weight: 207

College: Tulsa (with the heaviest quantifiable mascot in college football)


Here’s the list of every wideout who led the nation in receiving yards last year: Keyarris Garrett. Yes, that is by nature a list that will only be one person, but...just...just...okay? Be cool man. At any rate, while he didn’t lead the country in yards per reception (that honor goes to my boy Mack Hollins, GO HEELS!), he caught 96 passes for 1588 yards and 8 touchdowns. He went 8-137-1 in one of the more exciting Bowl Games last year against a Virginia Tech team bidding farewell to one of the greats, Frank Beamer.

For whatever reason, Garrett went undrafted, and the Panthers were able to snatch him up after the draft in Free Agency. The pre draft talk surrounding him labeled him as a potential NFL starter, someone who should make a roster. And from what we hear out of Panthers camp, he is showing improvement. Rivera says he’s starting to put pieces together. I would say that one of the strongest reasons to have faith in the Panthers is our ability to foster talent. We get the most out of our players, creating utility out of people others might not see.

Plus, he certainly fits our current receiver mold of "Sequoia-like", and he posted a 4.5 40 time at the combine. The kid can ball, and if he is good enough to make the final roster, I think we as fans should be very assured that he deserves it. As I’ve said before, this isn’t the same ho-hum Panthers receiving corps of old. We’ve got some talent on the outside. We aren’t having to start chaff, but having to cut wheat to get down to the final 53. Whenever you have to cut NFL level talent, you are doing a good job.

Garrett caught a couple passes against the Ravens in the first preseason game, but didn’t record any stats in the second. And his name is hard to pun on of luck to him. I dunno, "Key" to success? But it’s not his whole name. Anyway, take care.