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Panthers break training camp with unresolved questions

I give the Panthers credit for wanting to resolve their questions. The problem is that injuries have complicated the decision-making.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports first broached the topic and I concur with their selections, in particular this one.

Carolina Panthers: Top Questions Left After Training Camp - Carolina - Scout

Which Wide Receivers Will Make the Roster? The wide receiver position has been highly competitive and right now there is only three players who are locks at the position with Kelvin Benjamin, Ted Ginn Jr. and Devin Funchess. After this group, Philly Brown, who is entering his third season, has to also be confident in his spot on this 53-man roster.

However, after these four there is a great deal of uncertainty and one of the reasons is because it remains to be seen if the team will keep five or six wide receivers. The fact that Benjamin is coming off an ACL injury and the team is trying to be cautious with him, makes me think they will go with six. This obviously will help some of the wide receivers on the bubble. Based on performances this offseason and training camp, there are three wide receivers who have made a strong case for those final spots: Brenton BersinKevin Norwood and Damiere Byrd.

In this group, Bersin has the most experience and was the leading wide receiver in the first preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens. Bersin though did suffer a rib injury in that game and this could present an opportunity for Norwood and Byrd to receive some additional reps in the upcoming preseason games if Bersin is not able to play.

Bersin's rib injury is a variable at the moment. If he doesn't heal soon then he could hit the PUP and allow the Panthers to keep WR Keyarris Garrett on the roster. He seems a lock for the practice squad all ready but would he be there long?

So I'm saying 6 WRs with Byrd and Garrett the final two. The Kevin Norwood experiment comes to an end. I also like the thought of Miles Shuler or Avius Capers making the practice squad.

Who is going to do the punting?

They would love to hand the job to a healthy Mike Scifres but he is just not healthy enough yet. So now the question is will he be healthy enough for week 1? It's hard to forecast a punter with a leg injury.

How many defensive ends will they keep?

If they keep five DTs which I expect then that leaves only four spots for DEs. So it's Addison and Delaire behind the starters Johnson and Ealy. Since the rest of the options are dealing with injury issues, I think that question is answered.

Who is backing up the two starting tackles?

There are injuries in play at OT. Instead its the questionable play of the back-up players complicating the answer. Though the Panthers brought in some depth at tackle just yesterday they still have questions. Willie Smith hasn't played in a year and doesn't know the play book. I would be surprised if he is the last move we make at the position. I assume the Panthers aren't ready to give up on Darryl Williams so he will continue to back-up Mike Remmers. Smith will compete with UDFAs Donald Hawkins and David Foucault. I think Hawkins is in the lead at this point.

Who are the starting CBs?

The Panthers seem to so far be sticking with their initial answer: Bradberry, Worley and Benwikere. Sanchez will make the roster meaning their might be one spot for Lou Young or Robert McClain. There are tow players to watch in tomorrow's game.