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Official CSR 2016 Fantasy Football Kick Off

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If you want to play Fantasy Football with your fellow CSR members now is the time. Current league managers it is now time to renew your league.

Fantasy Football Trophy

Click here to play Yahoo Fantasy Football!

CSR is back with sponsored NFL Fantasy Football via Yahoo yet again. That means all league managers for CSR leagues CSR 1 through CSR 13 are now instructed to renew their leagues for the upcoming season.

I will have another post later this week to lay out the rules and scoring. If you would like to propose changes please feel free to post those as well.

For any leagues needing new players please use this comment thread to post available slots and who to email to get considered for entry. If you would like to start an new CSR league (CSR 14) just post that in a comment thread as well. The catch: you must agree to be the League Manager. In that event I will provide additional details on how to set up a new league.

You can see who won CSR 1 and CSR 13 via this link.

By using the same rules and scoring system we can crown an overall champion in addition to the individual league champions. I’m trying to find the post announcing last season’s champ but have encountered a glitch in the archive system. I will link that up later on this week. But we have been crowning champs since 2007.

Also I know we dabbled in IDP (individual defensive player) leagues last season, we had 2 or 3. Feel free to renew those as well though not planning to track an overall winner this season.

Attention Current CSR League Managers!!!

Please confirm by Thursday of this week if possible that your league has been activated. If you need new players please put up a fanpost asap requesting new players and how they are to contact you.

Draft week: Please pick a draft day and time preferably between the 3rd and 4th preseason games... Aug. 25th through Sept 1st. This is not mandatory, a league may draft sooner or later (but before KO on Sep 8th obviously) but its suggested you draft in this time frame.