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Training Camp Week 2 Wrap-Up

The second week of camp is over, and the Panthers will have the day off prior to their preseason contest on Thursday against the Ravens. Here are all the things you need to know about the events that have transpired leading up to that.

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If you haven't had the time to swallow bit by bit everything that has come through the media and the twitterverse regarding the Carolina Panthers camp experience so far, here is a summary to get you up to speed.

Notable Injuries

DT Chas Alexich - Waived/Injured; season ending knee injury.

WR Tobias Palmer - Waived/Injured; Achilles injury that has kept him out of most practices.

S Dean Marlowe - Hamstring; soreness. Unclear whether he will play in preseason game 1.

P Mike Scifres - Knee; soreness. Lingering issues with surgical repair. May miss preseason game 1.

LB Ben Jacobs - Ankle; unknown severity. In walking boot. Unlikely to play in preseason game 1.

DE Rakim Cox - Back; unknown severity. Rivera admits concerns about long term injury.

DE Larry Webster -  Hamstring; pull. Unlikely to play in preseason game 1.

Stock Rising - Offense

Still high on Kelvin Benjamin, Beau Sandland, and Devin Funchess

WR Damiere Byrd - After a quiet first week, Byrd has really come on in both 1 on 1 and team drills. There is hope for him to sneak on to the back end of the roster yet. Either way, he seems likely to make the practice squad if he doesn't make the 53.

TE Scott Simonson - After scoring a touchdown at Fanfest, Simonson has found his way into media reports for each training camp day since, in a positive manner. The Panthers are going to have a tough decision to make at the back end up their TE depth chart, as Beau Sandland and Braxton Deaver are also having good camps. Preseason game action is going to go really far in helping to decide this.

TE Braxton Deaver - Not to be outdone by his other young companions, Deaver seems to be responding extremely well to coaching, and is already showing a knack for finding the holes in zone coverage and making himself a target. He has seen a bit of time with the ones. The future at TE is looking bright.

RB Fozzy Whittaker - It is worth noting the Rivera has called him the backup RB, with CAP and Wegher fighting for the spot behind him. The belief is that, however, should Jonathan Stewart miss time, it would probably be CAP or Wegher that would become to #1 back, with Fozzy still playing change of pace duty.

OT Donald Hawkins - Though the depth chart says otherwise, it seems pretty clear from reports that he has moved ahead of David Foucalt as the backup LT. It may all be for naught, however, as Daryl Williams seems to be being trained for duty on both sides.

Stock Falling - Offense

WR Keyarris Garrett - Did have one splash play this past week, but continues to have trouble holding onto the football. I think his best hope this year is practice squad at this point.

WR Brenton Bersin - The drops are starting to pile up... but his name is still Brenton Bersin, so we know he has a shot.

WR Stephen Hill - As time in camp has worn on, it is becoming clearer that his knee is either not ready, or he simply doesn't trust it, even after some early success.

TE Eric Wallace - The experiment  from down under has little hope of continuing with the much more solid players ahead of him and a dropped wide open TD pass at Fanfest.

Stock Rising - Defense

Every Cornerback we got - I am hard pressed to find anyone dogging the play of any corner on the roster. I believe the reality is that they know the entire roster is up for grabs there, and any one of them could be made a starter. Competition breeds excellence, and we can all only hope they keep it up.

LB Shaq Thompson - Still in beast mode.

LB Jeremy Cash - He is being tried all over the place, and has been a part of some unique looks. He's shown well in coverage against TEs. The question will be if he overall has enough to warrant that roster spot. My personal belief is that we would be able to safely stash him on the practice squad this year, unless he blows up a preseason game or two.

DT Vernon Butler - Thankfully the media has started to turn their attention to him a bit more this week since the corners dominated the conversation last week. The reports are steady improvement from top to bottom, still has that great first step. I am anxious to see him turned loose on the Ravens.

S Dean Marlowe - He is starting to see some time with the ones, and while no one can confirm that Tre Boston's starting job is in jeopardy, it certainly seems like Marlowe is on a mission.

Stock Falling - Defense

Honestly? No one. Other than some extra curricular stuff by some corners... no one wants to say anything bad about the defense.