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Here's a few John Clayton predictions for the Panthers in 2016

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He doesn't go out on a limb too much in his 30 predictions over the next three years post. .

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I'm sure most of you will like this first one, well the first part anyway:

6. Figuring the Carolina Panthers will eventually get an extension done for defensive tackle Kawann Short, they will have a tough time doing the same with Star Lotulelei, who is on the fifth-year option. That may be one of the reasons they picked Vernon Butler in the first round this year.

I'm glad he thinks the Panthers will get the Short deal done, I do too. They just need to get on with it. I don't think the team is gaining any leverage by waiting any longer.

I firmly don't believe the Star contract situation had anything to do with the Butler pick. I think he was simply the best player left on their board and was too much value to pass up.

Clayton then adds another Panther prediction later on, one I don't agree with:

25. The Panthers should expect a four-game drop-off in their record this season, though I think they still will win the NFC South. There's reason to worry, though. If they don't improve the pass rush over the next three seasons, Atlanta, New Orleans and Tampa Bay could catch Carolina.

The pass rush will be just fine Johnny boy, don't you worry about that. But a four game drop off? So he's predicting 11-5? I don't think so. Funny though that he thinks the rest of the division is still three seasons away from challenging the Panthers, if an only if, the Panthers don't improve their pass rush.

Let's see, the Panthers were 6th with 44 sacks last season. The Bucs had 38, Saints 31 and the Falcons a paltry 19. Seems the key is for the rest of the division to get better at rushing the passer vs the Panthers getting better at it.

All in all I don't think Clayton knows the Panthers very well.